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    PSU Recruiting Thread

    Why has Kasak not committed yet?
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    Is Suriano Psychotic or Just Role Playing

    I swear he’s on something. His eyes are always popping out of his head.
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    2023 Wrestling lineup

    If RBY does leave, who, if any, potential transfer candidates do you see at 133?
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    2022 PA States

    Thanks for the update. What kind of grades to student athletes need to get into PSU?
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    2022 PA States

    PSU have Any chance with Sonny Sasso? See him as 197 pounder in college with another year of high school. Timing would be perfect and allow him to redshirt with Dean and Beard there for the next 2 or 3 years.
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    2022 B1G Tournament, Session 4 Thread

    A lot. They have at least two 7 year senior (Micic and Masa). Amine is at least a 6 year if not a 7 year. Suriano is a 5 or 6 year senior. Brucki is a 5th or 6th year senior.
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    PSU - Iowa Dual Thread

    Berge has that nice duck under move I kept waiting for him to hit when Marinelli was pushing in so hard. Berge just looked physically overmatched.
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    PSU - Iowa Dual Thread

    Does Iowa every have to wrestle at PSU. The last 7 matches have been at Iowa 5 times. Wtf.
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    PSU - Iowa Dual Thread

    How was that not a reversal? Probably should of been backs as well.