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  • Eric, I have True Orange issues from mid 91 to mid 1999. I have not gone through them in detail but they look fairly complete. I also have Inside Texas issues from 1989 to 1997. I think the Inside Texas issues are more complete. I am purging old files. Didn't know if you might be interested in old issues. I will ship them to you if you are. Let me know. Bill Bowden.
    Eric I see that I am not the only one having trouble reading articles...all I get is pay some other group
    to read your articles....Help please...thanks
    I just signed up earlier today, I can read the members only articles but I cannot read any of the members only forums. I have tried logging in and out a few times and that has not resolved my issue.
    Eric - my profile page says my card was declined (the card number has changed) and I need to add a new payment method. But I can’t find a way to add the new card number.
    I just sent you a private message.
    i'm logged in a as far as i know i'm paid up, id is hookem88. can't see any premium content all of a sudden. started in the last 24 hours. how can i get this fixed?
    Card got stolen and never updated my account. Finally got to where I needed to update my card but it’s not letting me add my card. Keeps giving me and error code of 400. Not sure what that means is this the correct way to reach out to you?
    Trying to update payment info and switch to annual sub instead of monthly. I don't see any mechanism for doing so in my profile directly. Please advise.
    Got emails today that my sub was cancelled but on my iPad I’m still in Members Only. Had several back and forth via email w Maria tryin to explain I was still able to log in, etc. You guys had an old cc that I hadn’t updated. Then I went to my phone and was locked out and it let me join back up for $50. Doesn’t seem exactly fair since I’ve been here for years. Happy to make it right. Let me know.
    Eric, I need to change my payment method and when I email support, they said I had to cancel my subscription and resign back up. Is there not another way so I don't have to reset back up all of my settings, notifications, etc.
    I no longer have posting privileges and now I'm unable to read premium content articles, just posts on the message board. Tried to access Rice GIF article while logged in and it only shows me the first paragraph and asks me to sign up or login. I've emailed [email protected] but have not received any response.
    I sent you an email.
    Have you logged out and back in?
    My old monthly 9.99 debit just hit though I had taken out an annual at the changeover in order to get back on the board. Annual is fine, my sub page shows three recurring payments scheduled for next year, two monthly and one annual. Not particular about a refund of the 9.99, if easy to do that's fine. Thank you. --bl
    Hey Eric,
    I still do not have posting privileges. I contacted On3 with my problem and have not heard anything, nor has my status changed. I would appreciate any help I can get.

    Thank you,
    Larry (Sandman4)
    Same problem for me as what CalHorn said below. Unable to post or view Gerry’s most recent Recruiting Matters article on on3+. No urgent need on being able to post, as I don’t post a lot anyways, but wanted to loop you in so you have an idea of a tally of how many members might still be having issues. Hope all is well!
    I can log in to see posts, but I cannot post anything or comment myself. I've gone to the on3 website and it shows that I'm logged in. Any help/advice/assistance you can provide would be appreciated. CalHorn
    @EricNahlin it was a good 10 year run on IT & Recruitocosm before that. I broke down and got a new sub over here. Y'all will be the industry leader and BEST site on the new platform, I'm confident!
    I’m sure you are inundated with requests like this. I’ve followed the site problems thread and followed the instructions to log in on the on3 main page first. Still didn’t fix the problem for me.
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    Ignore this post. My apologies. I just scrolled down and read the instructions to email support. Email has been sent.
    I'm getting the message that others are getting: "Insufficient privileges to reply here", what I'd expect to see if trying to post to Auburn threads (on3+ vs on3 ??)
    Have same issue about being told I must subscribe
    I have the same. Will this just start working at some point? Loooooong time member.
    There are normally bugs to be worked out with a transition like this. They are working on them. Sorry for the inconvenience. Mills, I emailed you and support last night.
    question regarding the portal. will portal athletes work out well enough to consider it a net plus in team development? is there any indication that losses to the portal really hurt and do wins in the portal really help the team improve. the idea that the great majority of transfers end up as shifting problems from one program to another is interesting. what are your thoughts on this thinking?
    Something is wrong with my account and I cannot access the premium content. I have a monthly membership and I sent 2 messages on the “contact us” tab starting yesterday morning with no response. Will you pass this along please said to possibly look out for Yurlich from Ohio State...I think he would be great if he want to continue the same offense, but I thought Herman was toxic at Ohio State given the relationship between Herman and Meyer? Many thanks!
    Eric - I had an old credit card on file when my renewal came up. I tried to change the card, but it appears I just signed up again as I was charged $99.99 and later received a notice of my renewal at $69.99. Can you or Clendon look into this for me?

    Micah Foster
    Atlanta Tx kid ,Cameron Dickerson , is one to watch. If he continues I think he will be Texas quality. Went to camp in Marshall and was contacted by Texas Tech, TCU and A&M. Check him out. He will be a freshman next year. You will not be disappointed.
    Eric- I cannot access my account. Can you help me? It says:

    Inside Texas - Error
    You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
    Eric love your informed writing. Maybe you can help I have emailed Inside Texas 4 times about my inability as a premium member to access the Inside Scoop all I get are the posted reactions but can't even see the scoop. Can you get the problem solved? Thanks Gary Polland
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