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  • Joe,

    You mentioned in a recent post about the Wednesday (8/18/2021) open practice that (Updates are in the OP). I do not know what this OP is you are referring to so I am still searching high and low for the updates from that practice. It probably comes as no surprise to you that some of us are a little dimmer than others.

    Original Post, the first post of the thread.
    In the meantime...
    When are we going to resume the secret emails?
    Seriously...You guys are setting the gold standard here and should be very proud of what you have accomplished.
    I know you guys are up to your *** in alligators right now.
    So 1st thing.
    THANK YOU....You guys did a great job on the rollover.
    2nd....Can you ask if there is any way to migrate all of our Private communications (DM's/PM's/Conversations over to this platform?
    I lost a lot of contact #'s I have gotten for various posters over the years as well as investment info, etc.

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