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WSU and Rolo was/are/is being sued by a former player for breach of contract and violation of civil rights. Kid’s last name is Woods, I think.

Thats what I was referring to. WSU was very pleased to have amother, unrelated reason to jettison Rolovich and get some distance.
Old wrestler, retired cop, follower of Christ, husband, father & son. "The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man." Ecclesiastes 12:13
Yeah I really hate that Chuck went out on a limb initially re Yancy. It made he and Yancy both look bad. You can’t put journalistic efforts and integrity over the fact Yancy brought “dozens” of players to Ole Miss.
I hope Yancy lands somewhere soon but still can’t believe it all happened the way it did.
Is there a way to send you a private message? I have something personal that I'd like to share with you.
What's up brother!! Davey here from Macon. Man this message board craziness is over the top. Glad to see you on here. Will keep both up for a while to make sure nothing crazy happens.
Kinda figured I'd see you here too. I used to read the Spirit in the SID office and have been subscribing ever since so I had to figure out where they would land.
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How do gain access to post? The end of the thread indicates I do not have privileges. I paid my subscription and entered card info. A little help please.
That sounds great, I'll take them if still available.
Perfect - I can send them to a cell phone number or email.
Do you have venmo?
Hi Greg, wanted to point out a typo in the Wrong section where it says 1926, should be 1916. I am sure you know that, but might want to edit your IMHO column
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Yes, you are correct and I edited it this morning. When you're writing up to 2 am, errors are going to occur and this was certainly one of them. Thanks for pointing out the error, greatly appreciated. GK
Justin, when I click on your recent link for the juice, it leads no where. I don't see the article. Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The evaluation that will hurt the most will be when we can no longer get good receiving recruits to look at us after they see how little they will be used.
Welcome to a diverse, sometimes dis-functional, often irreverent, but always interesting family of Duck supporters, Jason. Have fun and enjoy ScoopDuck.
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Jason Fowler
Jason Fowler
Thank you! I've always enjoyed your input on the boards. I'm more known as a quiet observer who reads ScoopDuck almost daily. I'm waiting for the season to end to add some extra content for Justin. I've done a couple interviews with former players that I need to write up.
Troianus Acies here Glycerine. . .What's up?
This is a public message

Can you send a private one? Or maybe leave me a contact for you?
Bill, I got permanently banned at the new location. Could you ask 51 why. Might have been a simple woke robot thing. Thanks.
Hey, ref'. I'm glad to see you here. I'm super-excited the contention surrounding Clay is behind us. What an emotional dumpster fire that was for everyone Always thot you were a good poster with lots to offer, so I hope you'll please forgive me my part in the dust-ups we had over on USCScoop. It was never meant to be personal.
Hey Hector, no worries. Never took anything over there or anywhere personal. Glad Helton is gone, just hoping for good things to come.
I may be a bit late, but I think Gary's OT. forum has bit the dust of the left wing P.C. woke crowd. (I.M.H.O. ,Mc Kinney is a traitor to G.P.)
Where will the true USC patriots now call home? Thers is Gettr and other places that are on line but I am wondering if there is any other site that would be akin to the O.T.?
In this day and age this is probably another tall order for the conservative patriots of the world.
Yeah Bill, this place is going woke, more than before. I think most of the old gang will get banned.
The Reddit site is not a good platform for USC OT in my opinion. Threads just get stacked up one on top of the other. I don't see me visiting on the Reddit site for very long.August West has forum format we should move there.Couldn't message you from your message with the other name Cheers, Phil
OMG, you are proving yourself to be a total @$$. You are arrogantly pissing on Garry's memory. CFB is all (about) America. Your rules are Marxist / Communist bull ****. Good riddance to you!