LOOK: Bryan Harsin, Auburn equipment crew troll media during preseason camp

Nick Schultz08/05/22
Michael Chang/Getty Images

If nothing else, Auburn coach Bryan Harsin’s got jokes. That’s evidenced by a t-shirt the Tigers are giving out at training camp this year.

Last year at camp, Harsin tossed out hats to the media as a thank you for covering the team. It generated plenty of conversation.

The second-year Tigers headman had a perfect response this year, handing out t-shirts to reporters that said “I went to Auburn football practice and all I got was this war damn t-shirt.”

“Auburn head of equipment Dana Marquez had these ready to pass out during the first media viewing period of fall camp,” AL.com’s Tom Green tweeted. “He said the idea was all Harsin’s. Man’s got a sense of humor, to be sure.”

Harsin is getting ready for his second season at the helm after Auburn went 6-7 overall last year.

More on ‘Hat Gate,’ the inspiration for the t-shirts

The conversation about “Hat Gate” got started when video surfaced of Harsin tossing hats up to the media prior to 11-on-11 practice. Green wrote about it in his practice report that day, and a debate ensued about whether or not reporters should’ve accepted the hats since they’re not supposed to be fans.

“In what was one of the stranger moments of a viewing period, at least in my seven seasons covering Auburn, Bryan Harsin took a short break before 11-on-11 work and came over to the patio area that the media was watching from,” Green wrote at the time. “He grabbed a bunch of Auburn hats and went down the line, trying to toss them to media members. It was — odd, to say the least, as media are not fans and are there to report on the team.”

“Welp, Auburn coach Bryan Harsin just got a lot more interesting,” AL.com editor Joseph Goodman tweeted, along with a screenshot of Green’s report.