Deion Sanders responds to those wanting him to be 'Colorado for life'

On3 imageby:Dan Morrison10/03/23


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From the time that Deion Sanders took the Colorado job, there were always some who thought he’d move on to another job quickly. Given his early success in Boulder, there are even more of those who are wondering if he might be on the move again soon, with analysts even saying he could replace Nick Saban at Alabama.

Many Colorado fans, in turn, want him to be with the Buffaloes for life. However, Sanders isn’t listening to that kind of outside noise.

“If I listen to that, I’m gonna have to listen to this,” Deion Sanders said. “You can’t choose that and not accompany it with this. So, either I’m gonna be in it or I’m gonna be out of it.”

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“That’s a wonderful gesture. I love it, but I’m smart enough to know and old and wise enough to know that that can flip on you instantaneously. The fan only blows when you hot. My mama said that, not me. So, if y’all wanna be mad, get mad at my mama. Okay?”

The fact that there’s even talk about extending Deion Sanders for life or concerns that he could go to another school is a credit to the job that Sanders has done to this point. After going 1-11 last season, Colorado is 3-2, exceeding the expectations of many. On top of that, there is still a ton of interest around the program, with more viewers tuning into their game against USC than any other in Week 5.

For his part, Sanders has noticed all the attention on Colorado and is excited by it.

“I don’t know if it’s all love. I don’t think it’s all love. You haven’t checked the responses from the coaches that we’re participating against,” Deion Sanders laughed. “But we’re excited, truly, with the attention that’s warranted to this wonder, beautiful university. I’m excited and elated to be the coach here. I’m excited to really talk about the wonderful attributes that we possess.”

Deion Sanders praised Shedeur Sanders amid adversity

The last two losses have been tough for Colorado. Amid that adversity, Deion Sanders has praised his son and the team’s quarterback, Shedeur Sanders.

“He’s very mature for his age. He’s very confident for his age, doesn’t flinch, doesn’t get flustered. He’s the most psyched quarterback in college football, and you could tell by how he carries himself. He’s just a kid that we all knew, and a multitude of our fans know, that if we would have got that ball last, we were going to go down and score. We knew that; He know that, everybody in here knows that. His teammates knew that,” Sanders said.

“And that’s just what he brings to the table. He’s unflappable and very wise and understanding of the ‘whys’ and ‘becauses’ in what he sees out there on the field. He thinks a multitude of things through. But he’s a dynamic athlete and a dynamic young man.”