Kirby Smart updates lengthy Georgia injury report ahead of Kentucky game

Kirby Smart updates lengthy Georgia injury report ahead of Kentucky game

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Despite moving to No. 1 in the country this week, the Georgia Bulldogs continue to deal with key injuries across the field. During his Monday press conference, head coach Kirby Smart was asked to confirm reports suggesting at least 15 Georgia players were currently dealing with a variety of injuries.

Smart confirm the Bulldogs had several injuries but said the severity of the injury crisis remains unknown heading into this week’s clash against No. 11 Kentucky.

“If I know exactly what it was going to be, I would’ve given them to you,” said Smart. “Y’all ask that question and I really want to give you information, but I don’t know because all we’ve done since then is rehab, rehab, rehab, rehab and then another rehab. Today is a lighter practice, so the hope is we’re going to get those guys back.”

Injury report

Despite his lack of specifics, Smart attempted to provide updates on the key players dealings with injury. He started on defense, where only one name came up.

“Chris (Smith) had a shoulder that came out of place, put it back in, he didn’t feel like he had gained 100% strength back,” Smart said. “Ron (Courson) has said he’s seen guys back in a week from that, we’ll find out where he is. He is one of the toughest people I’ve been around so if Chris can play, he’ll play.”

The list of injuries on offense was much longer, starting up front with the Bulldogs’ best offensive lineman.

“Jamaree (Salyer) had a slight ankle, but it didn’t swell,” he added. “He thought he could have gone back, but he didn’t feel like he was at 100%. I’m hopeful to get him back and he’ll be ready to go.”

The position hit hardest by injuries throughout the season, dating back to spring practice, is wide receiver. Despite good news that George Pickens is back on the radar following his ACL tear, nearly every receiver on the roster has picked up a knock through the year.

“We’re hoping to get Arian (Smith) back, hoping to get Jermaine (Burton) back,” said Smart. “[Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint] looked good Saturday in warm-ups to me and probably could have played in an emergency, so we’re thinking we’ll get him back. Not sure on [Dominick Blaylock], won’t be on George (Pickens), some other guys. I’ll know a lot more on Tuesday based on how they practice Tuesday.”

Notable exclusions

Among the names left off Smart’s injury report, Georgia quarterback JT Daniels stands out. He has missed several games this season with a variety of injuries and his status remains unclear. Tight end Darnell Washington has been out all season, with transfer Arik Gilbert away from the team. More long-term injuries appear further away and did not earn a spot in the list of updates.