Bob Stoops rips College Football Playoff Selection Committee over Oklahoma ranking

Joshua Gateley via Getty Images.

The Oklahoma Sooners are a perfect 9-0 on the season. But Oklahoma has received no love in the College Football Playoff rankings. The Sooners are ranked eighth in the latest playoff rankings. Former longtime Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops is disappointed with the committee’s lack of respect for the Sooners.

“When did losing not matter? I complained a week ago there were four teams ahead of OU, who is 9-0,” Stoops started. “The longest win streak in America. I’ll tell you what they thought of my opinion.

“They put another one-loss team ahead of OU.  So, now there’s five one-loss teams ahead of OU. Give me a break.”

As Stoops mentioned, there are five one loss teams ahead of Oklahoma in the latest College Football Playoff rankings. Those teams are Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State.

Gary Barta explains Oklahoma’s College Football Playoff rank

College Football Playoff committee chairman and Iowa athletic director Gary Barta talked about Oklahoma’s standing following the release of the most recent rankings. Barta said that Oklahoma’s 9-0 record has gotten the Sooners to where they are, but they need more to move up.

“If you look at it, they are 9-0 and that’s why they’re ranked eighth in the country and not somewhere else,” Barta said. “But they don’t have any signature wins. Their best wins are against Kansas and Texas Tech.”

Barta points to a lack of signature wins for Oklahoma so far. With games against Baylor and Oklahoma State coming up in the final weeks of the season, the Sooners have a serious shot to move up in the playoff rankings before the end of the year.

“I mentioned last week, the committee noted … that the quarterback change to Caleb Williams has changed that team,” Barta said. “They were off this past week, but just looking to see if that continues, because I do think that made a difference. The committee thinks that made a difference.

“But there just hasn’t been a signature win yet. If you compare them to Michigan State, for example, Michigan State beat Michigan. If you look at Notre Dame, they’ve beaten Wisconsin, they’ve beaten Purdue, so they’re sandwiched in between.”

Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, and Ohio State currently make up the top four in College Football Playoff rankings. Cincinnati, Michigan, and Michigan State are right there with Oklahoma on the outside looking in. With the Big Ten likely to beat itself up over the final weeks of the season, Oklahoma just needs to keep winning and it will likely move up.