Texas is hilariously trolled following Saturday's loss to Arkansas

Aritcle written by:Jonathan WagnerJonathan Wagner


Tim Warner via Getty Images.

The Texas Longhorns are already being trolled following Saturday’s loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks. Arkansas won the game 40-21, and Texas struggled offensively. The Longhorns had 256 total yards while Arkansas had 471. After the loss, many people have made fun of Texas for losing to a team that they will have to face consistently after joining the SEC. SEC Shorts tweeted a hilarious video, joking that Texas doesn’t want to be in the SEC anymore.

“On second thought, Texas wants out of the SEC,” SEC Shorts tweeted.

Is Texas really ready for the SEC?

In the beginning of the video, Texas is portrayed wearing a neck brace, sling, with black eyes, cuts, and bruises throughout his body. Meanwhile, Texas is caught trying to put its SEC application into a shredder in the opening scene. A person representing the SEC then walks in and takes the application back from Texas.

Texas is then shown a screen that reveals a potential scheduling pod that includes Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and the rival Razorbacks. When seeing this potential pod, Texas says, “Oh, so we’re just never going to win a football game ever again!” The SEC tells Texas that it is trying to negotiate a buy out from the Big 12 to allow the Longhorns to join the SEC as early as next year. Texas then tries to find a way out of it, saying that a contract is a contract and that they have to stay in the Big 12 for a few more years.

The SEC then reminds Texas that it definitely wants the money from the SEC rolling in as soon as possible, wo which Texas responds it could become ‘the richest non-bowl eligible team in the country.’ The Longhorns then say that they appreciate the offer, but they’re going to stick it out with the Big 12.

Before Texas can finish the sentence, the SEC walks them into a dark hallway with Arkansas standing on the other side. The SEC says that they have a legally binding acceptance letter.

Simultaneously, a person representing Arkansas is shown locking the door to the only exit in the hallway. The video ends with the Razorbacks saying to Texas: “You don’t seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me.”

Paul Finebaum still believes that Texas is ready for the jump

While the video is hilarious and many are truly wondering whether or not Texas is ready to make the jump to the SEC, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum thinks that Texas will be ready in time. Texas is recruiting very well, and that would only improve once the program joins the SEC.

“I think Texas will be ready,” said Finebaum on ESPN SportsCenter on Sunday.  “I know last night would not convince anyone of that argument. But they are recruiting better because of being in the SEC in a couple of years.

“Three or four years down the road, I think they’ll be ready for the challenge.”