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All-American Bowl: Day 1 practice updates

Jeremy Crabtree01/04/22
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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – The All-American Bowl is at 1 p.m. ET Saturday at the Alamodome. Around 100 of the nation’s top recruits are in attendance and are divided into two teams.

On3’s Jeremy Crabtree, Joseph Hastings, Gerry Hamilton, Jeremy Johnson, Charles Power and other On3 writers are on location at the Alamodome and Trinity University for the first day of practice and will have updates, videos, and recruiting notes throughout the session. Practice runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET Tuesday.

While a majority of the players in the All-American Bowl are already signed, there still will be plenty of recruiting headlines leading up to Saturday’s game at the Alamodome.

Unlike the Under Armour All-America Game, where only three players announced commitments, there’s a long list of players set to announce at the All-American Bowl. Crabtree previews the announcements, and the On3 Recruiting Prediction Machine has forecasts on where each player announcing is trending heading into the game on Saturday. Hamilton also has a look at five questions that need to be answered during the All-American Bowl practice week.

2022 All-American Bowl roster

Day 1 All-American Bowl practice updates

Afternoon Session

1:13 p.m.West: LSU DL signee Quency Wiggins and Texas bound DL J’Mond Tapp look great going through bag drills. Both pass the eyeball test, but they’re also showing fluid movement and great change of direction. – Jeremy Crabtree

1:20 p.m.West: USC bound RB Raleek Brown is just so flawless with a everything he does. He’s got great get off the line of scrimmage, shows a big burst of speed and runs routes effortlessly. – Jeremy Crabtree

1:22 p.m. West: Ohio State bound QB Devin Brown continues to be the headliner for the West signal-callers. The ball just comes off his hand with an extra zip that the others passers here don’t have. His mechanics are also earning rave reviews from the West coaches. – Jeremy Crabtree

1:25 p.m.West: Lander Barton looks like an athlete, and moves like one. – Gerry Hamilton

1:29 p.m.West: Ball is hottest out of the hand of Devin Brown. Fluid feet, and accurate on outs with opposite field arm talent. 

Cade Klubnik throws best back shoulder ball. Really good accuracy on timing throws. – Gerry Hamilton

1:35 pm. West: Notre Dame bound WR Tobias Merriweather has hooked up with all three West quarterbacks on long bombs during that start of the second half of practice for the West. He connected with Clemson QB signee Cade Klubnik on what what would have been a 40, 50-yard gain. Great pass but an even better route from Merriweather. He celebrated with a little dance action after he made the catch. – Jeremy Crabtree

1:38 p.m. – West: EDGE prospect and Texas signee J’Mond Tapp took reps at end and interior DL this morning. Working in drills at safety right now. 6-3, 240. – Gerry Hamilton

1:43 p.m.West: Linebacker and Utah signee Lander Barton is the most athletic and fluid of the West team linebackers. Plus frame and arm length. – Gerry Hamilton

1:47 p.m.East: Kentucky signee Barion Brown has shown the best tracking skills so far today among East wide receivers. Brown will need to polish up his routes, but has long speed and the ability to locate and come down with over the shoulder grabs. – Charles Power

1:54 p.m.West: Really liked the fluid breaks and change of direction from Iowa five star safety Xavier Nwankpa during defensive back work. The coaches were really giving him praise for the way he would flip his hips and break on the ball. – Jeremy Crabtree

1:56 p.m. – West: J’Mond Tapp was seen working with some players in the secondary. That group is depleted with several noteworthy absences, including Gentry Williams and Toriano Pride. – Joseph Hastings

1:59 p.m. – West Team has your first, second and third off the bus team covered … all from Louisiana. Quency Wiggins, J’Mond Tapp and TreVonte Citizen. Wiggins has the best frame on the West squad. – Gerry Hamilton

2:01 p.m.West Team QB rank so far 
1. Devin Brown – best feet, arm talent and release. Ability to stretch the field with different trajectories is impressive. 
2. Cade Klubnik – most accurate on timing throws. Back shoulder throws are a strength
3. Justyn Martin – has the farthest to go of the three. Good size, and flashed the arm strength. Feet need to move quicker.
– Gerry Hamilton

2:03 p.m.West: Ohio State signee Kiyon Grayes has best release of the West WRs, and most consistent and natural route runner. Knows how to get open and create separation. – Gerry Hamilton

2:05 p.m.East: Sam Mbake has been impressive all day. He’s a lot slimmer than he’s been in the past. Very twitchy. – Jeremy Johnson

2:09 p.m. – West: Ohio State wide receiver signee Kyion Grayes has had a solid outing on the first day of practice. Crisp route runner, his cutbacks are incredibly quick, and he easily glides down the field. – Joseph Hastings

2:10 p.m.East: QB Drew Allar towers standing next Georgia tight end Oscar Delp. Big strong armed QB heading to Penn State. Has thrown the ball with touch and authority today. – Jeremy Johnson

2:15 p.m. – East: Florida State signee Jaylen Early is out for the afternoon practice. – Charles Power

2:17 p.m. – West: Landon Samson beats Trejon Williams on post corner in 1v1’s. Quick separation out of break. – Gerry Hamilton

2:18 p.m. West: Jaylon Guilbeau with a nice pass break up in 1v1 on a pass intended to CJ Williams.

Cade Klubnik to Tobias Merriweather on a post for a touchdown in 1v1s. Merriweather did a nice job high pointing the ball. – Mike Singer

2:20 p.m. East: Keaten Wade (OLB), Joshua Burnham (MLB), DeMario Tolan (OLB) are repping first team at LB for the East. Devin Moore and Davison Igbinosun are at first team safety. – Charles Power

2:21 p.m.West: Texas signee Jaylon Guilbeau runs stride for stride attached on Ohio State signee Kyion Grayes. Got head around to get arm in Grayes vision. – Gerry Hamilton

2:22 p.m.West: Here are some one-on-one results.
– C.J. Williams lost to Jaylon Guilbeau on the first rep
– Kevin Coleman beat Trejon Williams on the next rep
– Tobias Merriweather beat Guilbeau
– C.J. Williams beat Xavier Nwankpa on an out route
– Coleman beat Guilbeau on a deep ball in the end zone
– Kyion Grayes beat Trejon Williams on a crossing pattern over the middle
– Nwankpa intercepted a pass intended to Merriweather.
– Joseph Hastings

2:23 p.m. – West: Ohio State bound WR Kyion Grayes put on a show during one-on-one battles with the West DBs. Grayes won three reps in a row with precise routes and a burst of speed to separate from the defensive backs. He’s such a good route runner and it showed against quality DBs like Xavier Nwankpa (Iowa), Jaylon Guilbeau (Texas) and Trejon Williams (Oregon). It looks like a case of the rich get richer at the receiver spot for the Buckeyes. – Jeremy Crabtree

2:26 p.m.West: With depleted numbers, there weren’t a lot of highlights for the West DBs during one-on-ones. The lone big play came from Xavier Nwankpa (Iowa), who picked off a Justyn Martin (UCLA) pass on an out route. Jaylon Guilbeau (Texas) also had a few stalemates during the battles. – Jeremy Crabtree

2:30 p.m. – West: Caden Curry, lined up as a 3-tech, had three exceptional reps in a row against ND commit Billy Schrauth, blowing up the backfield and disrupting West QBs. His first step and rip move were a real problem for Schrauth on that series. – Jeremy Birmingham

2:33 p.m. – East: Still a very slow pace doing install for the East team. Kentucky signee Barion Brown continues to flash a little bit, though. Just showed some speed in taking a speed sweep. Ohio State signee Kojo Antwi fumbled his first rep on the speed sweep. – Charles Power

2:35 p.m.West: Uncommitted wide receiver C.J. Williams just made a catch that surprised one of the defensive coaches. Williams snagged a pass with two other defenders — D.J. Wesolak and Lander Barton — right on him. – Joseph Hastings

2:36 p.m.West: Caden Curry had beat Josh Conerly and Hunter Erb off the ball in team. Both would have been easy sacks. Curry lacks ideal size/length combo … but has flashed the best snap anticipation and initial foot quickness at his position. – Gerry Hamilton

2:37 p.m. – West: Ohio State bound QB Devin Brown continues to put on a show for the West. He threw a perfect strike to four-star uncommitted WR CJ Williams on a post-corner route. It would have been a touchdown easily. Again, the ball just fires off his arm and the mechanics are silky smooth. – Jeremy Crabtree

2:38 p.m. – West: Earnest Greene stones Caden Curry on speed rush. Greene has IOL body, and OT reactive quickness. – Gerry Hamilton

2:41 p.m.West: Defensive line for the West is generating a ton of pressure. Blowing through the opposition with ease and active in their pursuit to the ball. Notre Dame signee Tyson Ford and Iowa signee Aaron Graves are standing out. – Joseph Hastings

2:43 p.m. – East: Mykel Williamsmakes a TFL on first play of 11-on-11. – Jeremy Johnson

2:46 p.m. East: Mykel Williams is having a sensational day. His quickness is too much for the East’s interior offensive line. – Charles Power

2:51 p.m. – East: Jyaire Brown nearly picks off Drew Allar. – Jeremy Johnson

2:59 p.m.East: Mykel Williams dominant Tuesday continues. He’s extremely disruptive on a snap to snap basis. Completely having is way. – Charles Power

3:05 p.m. – Both East and West practices are complete for the day.

Morning Session

9:42 a.m.East: Oklahoma quarterback signee Nick Evers will no longer participate this week.

9:55 a.m. East: Drew Allar, Enai White, Dani Dennis-Sutton, Gunner Stockton, Isaiah Sategna, Keaten Wade, Julian Armella, Andrew Chamblee, Aamil Wagner, Ashton Craig, Griffin Scroggs are here. – Charles Power

9:58 a.m. – East: Texas A&M signee Smoke Bouie is on the roster as a WR. – Charles Power

9:59 a.m.East: Penn State signee Dani Dennis-Sutton is impressive on the hoof. Well-built and muscled up. Looking forward to seeing him in this setting. – Charles Power

10: 03 a.m. – East: Five-star Penn State QB signee Drew Allar was the first player on the field for the East team. Getting loose throwing the ball around a little bit. East players are currently stretching in the Alamodome. – Charles Power

10:05 a.m. – West: There are only 36 players on the field for the West squad…It appears all of the West quarterbacks are here. Devin Brown (Ohio State), Cade Klubnik (Clemson), and Justyn Martin (UCLA) are all suited up and warming up. – Jeremy Crabtree

10:10 a.m. East: Players are in shoulder pads and shorts. This is typically a lighter practice. Marvin Jones Jr., Kiyaunta Goodwin, Trevor Etienne, Nick Singleton, Tegra Tshabola are here. Isaiah Bond, Daniel Martin, Dani Dennis-Sutton are here too. – Charles Power

10:15 a.m.West: Christen Miller helping coach the defensive linemen. He won’t be taking part in the game this week. Suffered a knee injury in the Georgia 3A state championship game. – Jeremy Johnson

10:18 a.m.West: Quency Wiggins, an LSU signee, definitely passes the eyeball test. He and Tyson Ford (Notre Dame) look the best from a physical standpoint on the West defensive line. – Jeremy Crabtree

10:20 a.m.West: Early on, Clemson QB signee Cade Klubnik and Ohio State QB signee Devin Brown have been standing out. Both are showcasing smooth throwing motions that waste little time and have a perfect spin. Both throw catchable footballs and are putting it exactly where it needs to be. – Joseph Hastings

10:24 a.mEast: Arkansas signee Samuel Mbake sticks out physically among the East WR group. – Charles Power

10:25 a.m.West: West DB’s not out here: Gentry Williams, Toriano Pride, Jalil Tucker. Only 3 DB’s on the field: Jaylon Guilbeau, Xavier Nwankpa, Trejon Williams. – Gerry Hamilton.

10:29 a.m.East: Florida cornerback signee Devin Moore passes the eye test and then some. Long cornerback who has great short area quickness.

Notre Dame linebacker signee Joshua Burnham looks like a legit 6-4. One of the taller linebackers you’ll see.

Indiana cornerback signee Trevell Mullen is smallest of the defensive back but shows off an excellent burst in drills. – Mike Singer

10:30 a.m.East: Drew Allar’s arm talent already apparent. Ball has a distinct pop when it hits receivers hands. – Jeremy Johnson

10:35 a.m.East: Nice grab by Kentucky signee Barion Brown in routes on air. Showed off the hops and ball skills in elevating for a nice catch on a high throw. – Charles Power

10:38 a.m.East: Penn State five-star QB signee Drew Allar has easy arm strength. He’s still getting warm but the juice on his throws is palpable. – Charles Power

10:43 a.m. – West: The West OL is down to only six players: Earnest Greene, Hunter Erb (Texas A&M), George Fitzpatrick (Ohio State), Carson Hinzman, Billy Schrauth (Notre Dame), Josh Conerly Jr.

Joe Brunner (Wisconsin), Jake Taylor (Oklahoma), Ben Rios (UTSA) and Joey Tanona (Notre Dame) are not here at the West practice. – Jeremy Crabtree

10:46 a.m.East: Kentucky signee Barion Brown is a natural hand catcher. He easily plucks the ball. – Jeremy Johnson

10:47 a.m. West: In individual drills, Oregon safety signee Trejon Williams is looking good. Excellent balance on his back pedals, flips his hips with urgency, and has kept his eyes on the position coach the whole time. – Joseph Hastings

10:51 a.m. East: Uncommitted DB Davison Igbinosun is on the roster at CB but playing safety. We have him ranked at safety as well. He and Florida signee Devin Moore are two taller DB’s who could play multiple spots on the East team and ultimately in college. – Charles Power

10:54 a.m.West: As noted before, it’s a depleted roster for the West Team today. Only spotted three defensive backs — Trejon Williams, Jaylon Guilbeau and Xavier Nwankpa — working out here today so far. Five receivers are out here as well. Some noteworthy players we have not seen are Caleb Burton, Gentry Williams and Toriano Pride. – Joseph Hastings

10:58 a.m.East: OL working on run plays with the QB’s
LT Kiyaunta Goodwin
LG Tegra Tshabola
C Griffin Scroggs
RG Elijah Pritchett
RT Julian Armella
– Charles Power

11:01 a.m. East: Future Notre Dame teammates Ashton Craig and Aamil Wagner are working at right guard and right tackle, respectively. – Mike Singer

11:07 a.m.East: Beginning inside drills and beginning 7-on-7 period. – Jeremy Johnson

11:08 a.m.East: Alabama signee Isaiah Bond shows speed burns DB for diving catch from Gunner Stockton. – Jeremy Johnson

11:10 a.m. East: Gunner Stockton’s pass to Deyon Bouie sails long in 1v1s, good coverage by Devin Moore. – Mike Singer

11:11 a.m.East: Davison Igbinosun intercepts Gunner Stockton on a pass to Barion Brown. – Jeremy Johnson

11:12 a.m.East: Isaiah Bond runs past Jyaire Brown for an east touchdown. – Jeremy Johnson

11:13 a.m.East: Arkansas receiver signee Samuel Mbake has flashed this morning. He’s been getting open consistently early in the 1v1s – Mike Singer

11:14 a.m. – East: Devin Moore in good coverage against Barion Brown. – Jeremy Johnson

11:15 a.m. – West: On3 Consensus No. 125 Hero Kanu of Santa Margarita (Calif.) Catholic was set to announce his decision at the All-American Bowl. But he is not on the field practicing for the West squad. – Jeremy Crabtree

11:16 a.m.East: Devin Moore and Isaiah Bond are the two standouts so far. – Charles Power

11:17 a.m. – West: With the limited numbers, the West squad has spent most of the first practice working on installation. Ohio State QB Devin Brown has looked good with his throws. The ball zips out of his hand and he’s been extremely accurate. – Jeremy Crabtree

11:18 a.m.East: Deyon Bouie tries a one-handed catch but it’s incomplete. “Perfect throw by Allar” – Charles Power said.

11:19 a.m.East: Julian Humphrey with good coverage on Barion Brown. – Jeremy Johnson

11:20 a.m.East: Miami tight end signee Jaleel Skinner isn’t here at east practice. – Charles Power

11:21 a.m.West: We’ve yet to see him take one-on-one snaps, but uncommitted offensive lineman Earnest Greene certainly looks the part. All of the 6-foot-4, 330 pounds that we have him listed at. He’s labeled as an interior offensive lineman, but he’s been taking snaps at left tackle thus far. – Joseph Hastings

11:23 a.m.West: Ohio State QB signee Devin Brown is taking the first-team reps for the West. Mizzou DL signee D.J. Wesolak – who is playing LB – made an impressive read and breaks up a pass from Brown. – Jeremy Crabtree

11:29 a.m. – East: Notre Dame defensive end signee Aiden Gobaira — at 225 pounds — beat Georgia signee Griffin Scroggs, who was playing center on the play. Gobaira uses his hands very well. – Mike Singer

11:30 a.m.West: Notre Dame signee Billy Schrauth just had two solid reps in one-on-ones against Iowa signee Aaron Graves. Fired his hands up as soon as the ball was snapped and didn’t get pushed back by the defender. Drew praise from the o-line coach for his work in the reps. – Joseph Hastings

11:35 a.m. – East: Notre Dame offensive tackle signee Aamil Wagner is thin but just won consecutive reps, including one pancake. He is strong but needs to add about 40 more pounds. – Mike Singer

11:36 a.m. – West: Ohio State QB signee Devin Brown continues to rip it. He’s made several perfect throws, including dropping one in the bucket to RB Rayshon Luke on wheel route. He also has hooked up with C.J. Williams on several passes. Brown has shown good accuracy, but also like his arm strength. – Jeremy Crabtree

11:38 a.m. – West: Utah LB signee Lander Barton has made a couple of really good stops and pass breakups in one on one situations against speedy RBs like Rayshon Luke and Raleek Brown. His athleticism from the LB definitely showing out. Also appears to have a good nose for the football. – Jeremy Crabtree

11:39 a.m.West: Clemson QB signee Cade Klubnik took first team reps when the team went 11-on-11. He immediately zips a perfect pass to WR Kyion Grayes (Ohio State). Would have been 15-yard gain. – Jeremy Crabtree

11:40 a.m.East: Dani Dennis-Sutton with two good reps against Florida State signee Julian Armella. – Jeremy Johnson

11:42 a.m.West: Florida DL signee Chris McClellan and Purdue DL Nic Caraway disrupting things for the  West defense. Both beat blocks from Josh Conerly Jr. on back-to-back plays for what would have been tackles for a loss. – Jeremy Crabtree

11:44 a.m.East: Notre Dame OT signee Aamil Wagner is light and probably in the 250 pound range, but extremely strong for his size. We saw Wagner neutralize Texas A&M EDGE signee Enai White off the edge in back to back reps of 1-on-1’s. Wagner took jones to the ground on the second rep. – Charles Power

11:45 a.m.West: Texas signee Jaylon Guilbeau has flashed multiple times. He’s been locked in on coverage, but also just beat a block to come up and make a play on a screen pass. – Jeremy Crabtree

11:46 a.m. – East: Penn State signee Dani Dennis-Sutton had the best showing in 1-on-1’s that we saw for the East. Dennis-Sutton has an explosive first step that he quickly converts into power. He walked Florida State OT signee Julian Armella back to the quarterback on one rep then dipped around the edge with active hands for another win. – Charles Power

11:47 a.m.West: Texas signee J’mond Tapp just showcased a filthy spin move that gave him a free lane to the quarterback. Following play, he released himself from a block to pursue a running back near the sidelines. – Joseph Hastings

11:48 a.m.West: Mizzou DL signee D.J. Wesolak – who is playing LB – continues to flash. It’s pretty impressive to watch such a big-bodied athlete run down plays in the open field. Without question, he’s got a very good head and has diagnosed a number of plays on the fly.  – Jeremy Crabtree

11:51 a.m. – East: Stanford signee Terian Williams II gets the late invite to San Antonio. East team has five DBs on the field this morning. – Jeremy Johnson

12:00 p.m.East: Considerable juice from Nick Singleton on an inside run that would’ve gone for a touchdown. Outstanding burst. – Charles Power

12:02 p.m.East: Barion Brown snags a high pass from Drew Allar during team drills. Hands have been impressive this morning. – Jeremy Johnson

12:07 p.m. – East: Trevor Etienne shows a little wiggle in 11-on-11. – Jeremy Johnson

12:08 p.m.East: Nicholas Singleton breaking tackles (there is a lot of thud going on in this period). – Jeremy Johnson

12:10 p.m. East: Barion Brown’s hands continue to be a shining point today. Makes a leaping grab over a defender in 11-on-11. – Jeremy Johnson

12:13 p.m.East: Deyon Bouie has flipped over to play some cornerback. Worked at wide receiver most of the practice. – Jeremy Johnson

12:18 p.m. Both teams are finished the the morning session. Lunch break for about an hour before afternoon session starts.