Big Ten Conference releases overhauled 2022 college football schedule

Big Ten logo on display at Yankee Stadium for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. (Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

With Monday night’s national championship ending the 2021 season, all focus has been turned to the 2022 season. For the Big Ten, they will be hoping to send another team to the College Football Playoff after Michigan represented the conference in the Orange Bowl.

However, the path to get to the postseason will be a bit different than before. The Big Ten announced some changes to the conference schedule on Wednesday, moving around a few key games.

All of the conference’s major rivalries such as Michigan-Ohio State, Iowa-Nebraska, and Minnesota-Wisconsin stayed during the week of Thanksgiving as did the Week 0 matchup between Nebraska and Northwestern.

Most of the changes were made in the heart of the schedule, setting up for another exciting year in the Big 12. Check out the full slate of games, week by week, below.

Big Ten 2022 conference schedule

Week 0, Aug. 27

Northwestern vs Nebraska (Dublin, Ireland)

Week 1, Sept. 3

Illinois at Indiana

Penn State at Purdue

Week 2, Sept. 10


Week 3, Sept. 17


Week 4, Sept. 24

Iowa at Rutgers

Minnesota at Michigan State

Wisconsin at Ohio State

Maryland at Michigan

Week 4, Oct. 1

Illinois at Wisconsin

Michigan at Iowa

Purdue at Minnesota

Indiana at Nebraska

Northwestern at Penn State

Michigan State and Maryland

Rutgers at Ohio State

Week 5, Oct. 8

Iowa at Illinois

Nebraska at Rutgers

Wisconsin at Northwestern

Purdue at Maryland

Michigan at Indiana

Ohio State and Michigan State

Week 6, Oct. 15

Minnesota at Illinois

Nebraska at Purdue

Wisconsin at Michigan State

Maryland at Indiana

Penn State at Michigan

Week 7, Oct. 22

Iowa at Ohio State

Minnesota at Penn State

Northwestern at Maryland

Purdue at Wisconsin

Indiana at Rutgers

Week 8, Oct. 29

Illinois at Nebraska

Northwestern at Iowa

Rutgers at Minnesota

Michigan State at Michigan

Ohio State at Penn State

Week 9, Nov. 5

Michigan State at Illinois

Iowa at Purdue

Minnesota at Nebraska

Ohio State at Northwestern

Maryland at Wisconsin

Penn State at Indiana

Michigan at Rutgers

Week 10, Nov. 12

Purdue at Illinois

Wisconsin at Iowa

Northwestern at Minnesota

Nebraska at Michigan

Indiana at Ohio State

Maryland at Penn State

Rutgers at Michigan State

Week 11, Nov. 19

Illinois at Michigan

Iowa at Minnesota

Wisconsin at Nebraska

Purdue at Northwestern

Indiana at Michigan State

Ohio State at Maryland

Penn State at Rutgers

Week 12, Nov. 26

Nebraska at Iowa (Friday)

Illinois at Northwestern

Minnesota at Wisconsin

Purdue at Indiana

Rutgers at Maryland

Michigan at Ohio State

Michigan State at Penn State