Biggest risers in the 2024 player rankings update

On3 imageby:Joe Tipton01/09/23


On3 updated its class of 2024 player rankings on Monday. There was some significant movement throughout the top 150. As usual, there were some players who rose and others who fell.

Here are 10 of your biggest risers in the class of 2024 player rankings update.

On3 Industry Comparison Rankings

Five-Star SG Annor Boateng

Annor Boateng
Size: 6-5 / 205
School: Little Rock (AR) Central

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 16
New On3 Ranking: No. 8

Offers: Auburn, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Missouri, LSU, Memphis, and more.

Five-Star SF Liam McNeeley

Liam McNeeley
Size: 6-7 / 205
School: Montverde (FL) Academy

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 20
New On3 Ranking: No. 10

Offers: Texas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan, Alabama, and more.

Four-Star SF Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen
Size: 6-6 / 190
School: Chandler (AZ) AZ Compass Prep

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 43
New On3 Ranking: No. 21

Offers: Miami, Missouri, Florida State, Michigan, Villanova, Stanford, Arkansas, Oregon, and more.

Four-Star PF Aiden Sherrell

Aiden Sherrell
Size: 6-10 / 220
School: Phoenix (AZ) Hillcrest Prep

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 51
New On3 Ranking: No. 29

Offers: Alabama, Michigan State, Ohio State, LSU, Indiana, Memphis, Auburn, Michigan, and more.

Four-Star PG Labaron Philon

Labaron Philon
Size: 6-4 / 175
School: Mobile (AL) Baker

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 56
New On3 Ranking: No. 34

Offers: Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kansas, and more.

Four-Star PF Donnie Freeman

Donnie Freeman
Size: 6-9 / 200
School: Washington (DC) St. John’s

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 58
New On3 Ranking: No. 39

Offers: Texas, Iowa, Maryland, LSU, Rutgers

Four-Star SG Austin Swartz

Austin Swartz
Size: 6-5 / 180
School: Concord (NC) Cannon School

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 65
New On3 Ranking: No. 41

Offers: NC State, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Houston, Clemson, and more.

Four-Star C Thomas Sorber

Thomas Sorber
Size: 6-9 / 250
School: Philadelphia (PA) Archbishop Ryan

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 117
New On3 Ranking: No. 43

Offers: Penn State, Providence, Virginia, Syracuse, Villanova, Miami, and more.

Four-Star SF Isaiah Evans

Isaiah Evans
Size: 6-5 / 165
School: Huntersville (NC) North Mecklenburg

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 74
New On3 Ranking: No. 44

Offers: Florida State, Tennessee, Illinois, Auburn, Arkansas, Kansas, and more.

Four-Star CG Jared Harris

Jared Harris
Size: 6-3 / 160
School: Silsbee (TX) High

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 91
New On3 Ranking: No. 53

Offers: Houston, Texas, Texas Tech, Auburn, Alabama, and more.

Additional Risers

4-Star SF Amier Ali: 42 to 30
4-Star PG Ahmad Nowell: 81 to 60
4-Star CG Mercy Miller: 90 to 62 (Houston)
4-Star SF Dallas Thomas: 76 to 66
4-Star PF Sebastian Rancik: NR to 68
4-Star C Peyton Marshall: 101 to 69 (Auburn)
4-Star SG Jalil Bethea: 128 to 72
4-Star C Khaman Maker: NR to 76
4-Star SF VJ Edgecombe: NR to 77
4-Star CG Malachi Palmer: 108 to 79
4-Star SF Drew McKenna: 96 to 81
4-Star PF Chris Tadjo: NR to 83
4-Star C Sammie Yeanay: 123 to 89