Will Putnam hilariously explains how he had to continuously listen to Sandstorm after Clemson loss to South Carolina in 2022

On3 imageby:Matt Connolly11/20/23


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Clemson offensive lineman Will Putnam was disappointed as he walked off the field in Death Valley last November following South Carolina‘s upset victory over the Tigers.

It didn’t get any easier for Putnam once he got back home.

Putnam, who lives off campus, shared on Monday that his neighbor’s blasted Sandstorm well into the next morning after the Gamecocks win in the Palmetto Bowl last year.

“I remember my neighbors playing Sandstorm until like 3 a.m. … I wanted to go knock on the door and be like, ‘Hey man, turn that off.’ But you know what, we should’ve gotten it done on the field. So I’ve gotta just sit here and listen to it,” Putnam said. “That’s how I look at it.”

Last year’s game was back-and-forth, with Clemson leading 14-0 after the first quarter and 30-21 in the third quarter.

However, South Carolina battled back to earn a 31-30 win and stun the Tigers. It made for a tough afternoon for Putnam, as well as a long and sleepless night.

“It was going crazy. So you know, we didn’t get it done on the field, so have at it,” Putnam said. “But next year, hopefully, get the job done and I don’t want to hear any of that.”

Clemson center Will Putnam has high praise for South Carolina’s Williams-Brice Stadium

Will Putnam and the Tigers have a chance to avenge last year’s loss on Saturday in Columbia. Doing so won’t be easy, though, as Putnam said Monday that South Carolina’s Williams-Brice Stadium is a tough place to play.

Putnam is 2-0 against the Gamecocks in Columbia, but he still feels that it’s not an easy place to win.

“It’s a great environment. It’s probably the best road environment, I think, that I’ve played in,” Putnam said. “Always loud. People are always there. … Yea, it’s awesome, and I think that’s what makes college football so special and just those rivalries and stuff like that.”

Putnam will be making his third trip to Williams-Brice Stadium this weekend and is looking to improve to 3-0 in games at South Carolina during his career.

Before making his first trip to Columbia prior to the 2019 season, he was given some advice that he is passing on to younger players this year.

“Keep your helmet on. And that’s something that has stuck with me ever since,” Putnam said. “So any game, at the end of the game, win or lose, I always keep my helmet on when I’m running off the field. Yea, I mean they have their net, and people are still throwing stuff, trying to get through it. I like it.”