Key visits to watch this weekend at Oregon, Alabama, LSU, and more

On3 imageby:Keegan Pope09/21/23


The college football slate this weekend is loaded, and some of the nation’s biggest recruiting targets will be spread out across the country taking in games.

The 2024 cycle is nearly three-fourths complete, and only a select few elite prospects are still uncommitted by the third week in September. But that means one thing: flip season is upon us. Included in some of the biggest visitors this weekend is a five-star committed to one SEC program visiting a rival.

On3 Director of Recruiting Chad Simmons helps us break down the names to keep an eye on as visits kick off across the country on Friday.

5-star WR Ryan Wingo – Missouri

On3 Industry Ranking: No. 26
On3 RPM: Texas 48.3%, Missouri 29.2%, Tennessee 11.9%

Simmons’ Take: “It’s obviously big for Missouri to get another chance in front of Ryan Wingo, even if this one isn’t to campus in Columbia. It’s still a game visit and gives them the ability to showcase themselves a few minutes from his home in St. Louis. This comes between another visit to Texas, and now he’s going to Colorado next weekend as well.

Missouri has definitely lost some momentum here, and Texas has that. We’ll see what Colorado can do after having him on campus in January. I feel pretty confident in saying that Texas is definitely the team to beat heading into this weekend, but recruiting can change very quickly and Missouri is off to a good start this year.”

4-star RB Jason Brown – Oregon

On3 Industry Ranking: No. 151
On3 RPM: Michigan State 91.5%, Oregon 2.9%, Washington 2.0%

Simmons’ Take: “I think the doors were almost shut by Jason Brown on any other schools other than Michigan State heading into the season. A lot of people I talk to thought he would be committed by the time his senior year started, but that hasn’t happened. The last visit he took in July was to Oregon, and he’ll be back there this weekend. I think you have to watch them and Washington — he’s been there more than anywhere else. I think Michigan State is kind of put on pause right now with everything going on in that program, and they’ve recruited him very well. But Oregon and Washington are trying to jump back in this.”

2025 4-star QB George MacIntyre – LSU

On3 Industry Ranking: No. 13
On3 RPM: Alabama 36.0%, Tennessee 12.8%, LSU 10.7%

Simmons’ Take: “George MacIntyre going back to LSU is obviously huge for the Tigers. He’s already been to Alabama and Tennessee games this season, and while I think ‘Bama is in a good spot, LSU is right there as well and so is Tennessee. QBs coach Joe Sloan has done a great job with MacIntyre, and he has loved his visits to Baton Rouge before. He feels good with that staff, and he likes where the program is going under Brian Kelly. I think those three teams have kind of separated themselves and will be battling until he makes a decision.”

4-star RB Daniel Hill – Alabama

On3 Industry Ranking: No. 198
On3 RPM: South Carolina 75.5%, Alabama 22.9%

Simmons’ Take: “If Daniel Hill had committed a month ago, his choice was going to be South Carolina, I truly believe that. They’ve done a great job with him, showing how he could come in and be an impact player right away. I think some other people in his circle feel differently about where they’d like to see him play. And that’s been pretty open and out there. Alabama is the school he has visited most the past two years, and they want a running back in this class. Tennessee is trying to get him on campus here soon as well. But there’s some momentum in Tuscaloosa ahead of his visit.”

2025 5-star OT David Sanders – Clemson

On3 Industry Ranking: No. 5
On3 RPM: Georgia 26.0%, Clemson 16.3%, Alabama 11.3%, South Carolina 7.1%

Simmons’ Take: “For David Sanders, it’s a big business weekend at Clemson. This one is still pretty open, and he was recently at Alabama for the Texas game. Clemson is a school he’s been going to before he even had an offer as a kid from Charlotte. He has a great connection with the offensive line coach Thomas Austin, and they communicate on a regular basis. His family likes the environment under Dabo Swinney. I think you’ll see him back at Georgia this fall, and I think Clemson, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State are the teams to watch early on.”

2025 5-star safety DJ Pickett – Florida

On3 Industry Ranking: No. 8
On3 RPM: Florida 27.6%, Florida State 10.6%, Georgia 9.0%, Michigan 7.5%

Simmons’ Take: “Georgia, Florida and Michigan have been three teams toward the top of the list for DJ Pickett. If he gets back to Florida this weekend, like Corey Bender reports, that would mean back-to-back weekends he’s visiting and a big win for Florida. They’ve done a very good job making him and his family feel like a priority, and I think that means a lot to him. He has family connections to Michigan, and they’re a team to watch as well. Florida is the local program that’s easy to get to, but it still means something for him to come back again after last weekend. They have definitely put themselves in a very good position early.”

2025 Five-Star Plus+ QB Bryce Underwood

On3 Industry Ranking: No. 1
On3 RPM: Michigan 39.7%, Michigan State 14.1%, Ohio State 9.1%, LSU 7.6%

Simmons’ Take: “Bryce Underwood is expected to be at Penn State this weekend coming off that visit to Colorado last. Obviously the two schools that have been talked about most are LSU and Michigan, and he has great relationships with those staffs. He’s been at both of those schools multiple times. But he’s now been to Colorado and is at least starting to look outside of those two schools and give them a chance. He’s still eye that January commitment date, but it’s a big deal for Penn State and James Franklin if he gets there on Saturday.”