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Jay Bilas releases latest 1-68 college basketball rankings

Nick Schultz02/17/22
Article written by:On3 imageNick Schultz


G. Fiume | Getty Images

March Madness is right around the corner, and it seems like analysts everywhere are trying to predict the 68-team field. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas is among that group and released his second 1-68 rankings on Thursday.

It’s not much of a surprise that Gonzaga and Auburn sit atop the rankings, considering they’re No. 1 and No. 2 in the latest AP Top 25, respectively. In fact, five SEC teams sit inside Bilas’ top 25 while the Big 12 has four teams that high up. The Big Ten leads the way with six teams in the top 25. Bilas noted that unlike last year, no team separated itself from the rest of the field. So even though Gonzaga and Auburn are No. 1 and No. 2, some teams outside the top five — notably Illinois and Kansas, among others — could end up beating some of those higher-ranked teams.

Before he dove into his rankings and his reasoning, Bilas went on a lengthy rant about officiating, saying “we have a fire in college basketball, and it is spreading to the rest of our house. It is officiating.” He called out the system and how games are officiated compared to professional games — even noting that foul calls are at an all-time low.

After he spoke about officiating, he dove into his rankings. Here’s how Bilas’ 1-68 rankings: Vol. II shook out.

Jay Bilas’ 1-68 rankings: Vol. II

  1. Gonzaga
  2. Auburn
  3. Kentucky
  4. Arizona
  5. Purdue
  6. Baylor
  7. Duke
  8. UCLA
  9. Kansas
  10. Villanova
  11. Houston
  12. Illinois
  13. Providence
  14. Tennessee
  15. Texas Tech
  16. Ohio State
  17. Texas
  18. Michigan State
  19. UConn
  20. Iowa
  21. USC
  22. Wisconsin
  23. Murray State
  24. Wyoming
  25. LSU
  26. Marquette
  27. Xavier
  28. Alabama
  29. Seton Hall
  30. Arkansas
  31. Loyola Chicago
  32. Saint Mary’s
  33. UAB
  34. Wake Forest
  35. Michigan
  36. Oklahoma
  37. Boise State
  38. San Francisco
  39. North Carolina
  40. Colorado State
  41. SMU
  42. Belmont
  43. Oregon
  44. San Diego State
  45. Memphis
  46. TCU
  47. Miami
  48. Notre Dame
  49. Indiana
  50. Davidson
  51. Iowa State
  52. Florida
  53. BYU
  54. Chattanooga
  55. Utah State
  56. Virginia
  57. Mississippi State
  58. Kansas State
  59. Virginia Tech
  60. Rutgers
  61. Northwestern
  62. Saint Louis
  63. Iona
  64. North Texas
  65. Dayton
  66. Washington State
  67. Toledo
  68. Creighton