Phil Jurkovec airs out his feelings on Fighting Irish, calls out Notre Dame

Nick Schultz11/19/22
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In 2018 and 2019, Phil Jurkovec was a quarterback at Notre Dame behind Ian Book. He ended up transferring to Boston College, where he’s spent the last three years, and shared an interesting message about his time in South Bend on Instagram on Saturday.

Jurkovec, who’s out for Saturday’s game with multiple injuries, has appeared in eight games this season. He has thrown for 1,711 yards and 11 touchdowns so far, but has been hampered by injuries as of late. That’s why he’ll be supporting his current teammates on the sideline against his former group.

Jurkovec aired out his thoughts on the Fighting Irish and called out the university as part of a lengthy post just hours before kickoff.

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“I always really liked Notre Dame football despite most in my family having no affiliation or affection for the school,” Jurkovec wrote. “I turned down some great opportunities in order to fulfill my childhood dream of playing on the team and I thank everyone who helped to make that happen. Good fortune allowed me to meet some incredible people while there- players, coaches, professors, priests, etc. Notre Dame has been a tremendous force for good in the world and it will continue this excellence because of its good people.

“Some derogatory comments have come out in the media in regards to my perspective on the place and I’d like to clarify: Notre Dame holds some of the highest ideals and these are very difficult to live up to. I don’t think the institution practices its stated virtues in all aspects of campus but I urge it to do so because I think it can be better. I wish many of those I met much success. Anyone close to me knows how badly I’d love to play in this game but I am currently recovering from a diagnosed concussion, broken rib, and sprained MCL.”

Jurkovec then discussed the pride he feels to represent Boston College even though he won’t be on the field at Notre Dame Stadium. He also pointed out that Irish immigrants founded Boston College and further called out Notre Dame.

“‘As it relates’ to Boston College, even amid a most difficult year, I have never been more proud to represent the school,” Jurkovec wrote. “The adversity we’ve faced has molded and strengthened me. We’re primed for success and it will come soon to The Heights (on eagles’ wings). Although it’s been a famine of a season, we should know that it brings no fear. Let’s remember that Boston College was founded for and by Irish immigrants. Notre Dame du Lac was founded by the French (something they teach you in First Year Moreau).

“The Dropkick Murphys were started in Boston and their song ‘For Boston’ is our fight song. They sing ‘I’m Shippin’ Up to Boston’ and definitely not ‘I’m Shippin’ Up to South Bend.’ So if you’re in that stadium and you cheer when that song comes on before kickoff, know that you are either rooting for BC or otherwise supporting cultural appropriation. But in the words of Mac, it ain’t nothin’ but a brand name.”