Terry McLaurin gives hilarious take on Washington’s terrible smoke machine mishap

Terry McLaurin gives hilarious take on Washington’s terrible smoke machine mishap

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The Washington Football Team smoke machine at Fed Ex Field is out of control and potentially dangerous. 

For Washington fans, this may not come as a surprise. The Washington Post reported that Fed Ex Field has had the lowest attendance in the NFL so far in 2021. A wide array of issues — including the on-field product — play into that, but the stadium experience has been one of the biggest issues the franchise has battled for more than a decade.

For the players, though? A smoke machine should never create a hazard for anyone, but especially the athletes who are paid millions to perform,

The Washington football team has to quickly take action to ensure the franchise doesn’t create yet another self-inflicted disaster.
‘Several players were asked about the overly-aggressive smoke machine on Wednesday. Terry McLaurin hilarious narrated his version of the experience last Sunday.

“Last week it was the worst it’s ever been,” receiver McLaurin said. “That’s nothing against the people who run it, but usually it’s like – whoosh, whoosh – and when it pauses I sprint out. But the last game it was like – whoooooooosh – and I was like, oh, shoot. 

“I’m trying to walk and get through the smoke and not hit one of my teammates or one of the cheerleaders. Yeah, last game was a challenge. They definitely got me last week.”

Star defensive tackle Jonathan Allen chimed in on the issue.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said, laughing at the question. “A couple guys tripped.”

Asked how he makes it through, he said: “You pray to God.”

McLaurin is preparing for a big day against a struggling Kansas City defense at home on Sunday. The former Ohio State star has a new strategy for taking the field to avoid the smoke.

“I see (punter Tress Way) and the quarterbacks go out before the smoke,” 

USA Today handed out NFL Week 5 awards and crowned the Washington Football team for having the worst smoke machine in the league.

“I am stunned(!) that this franchise can’t even get a smoke machine right,” Andy Nesbit of USA Today’s “For the Win” wrote. “I’m kidding. I’m not stunned at all. The smoke machine is so bad, though, that some players have to hold each other so they can make it out of there OK, which is AMAZING.”

Year after year, it seems like the Washington Football Team has new drama. On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs come to town, and hopefully, the smoke will clear as Ron Rivera and company attempt to pull off a massive upset.