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  • Barry Switzer

    Hall of Fame Coach, Founder

  • Scott Williams


A group of Oklahoma businessmen, community leaders, alumni and leaders in the faith-based community partnered with Hall of Fame Coach Barry Switzer in early 2022 to form the 1Oklahoma Foundation. 1Oklahoma Foundation is a non-profit organization "committed to collaborating with and serving some of the most impactful non-profits throughout the state of Oklahoma through the Name, Image, and Likeness of OU athletes." The 1Oklahoma Collective says it will deliver one of the most comprehensive and impactful NIL offerings in the country and will be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. “The spirit of making a difference aligns with the high standards for student-athletes set forth by the OU athletic programs,” the collective’s website says. “It aligns with the statewide ‘Oklahoma Standard’ initiative of preserving and promoting a culture of citizens making a difference through Acts of Service.” 1Oklahoma Foundation says it will partner with OU athletes from the football, men's basketball and softball programs. According to reports, football players will make between $40,000-$50,000 a year. “We changed the game in 1981 at The University of Oklahoma football by being a pioneer for schools to negotiate their own contracts and generate additional revenue,” Switzer said. “We are changing the game again with 1Oklahoma Collective.”

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