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“It all begins with U.” That’s the slogan of Canes Connection, a Miami-focused NIL collective that was launched in August 2022. Canes Connection is operated by Co-CEOs Zach Burr and Brian Goldmeier, who are successful fundraising professionals with more than 30 years of experience running business development firms in the Miami-Dade area. “With nearly $500 million in funds raised throughout their careers, Goldmeier and Burr, a University of Miami alumnus, have formed the Canes Connection to leverage their experience and relationships with top-tier content creators and blue-chip brands to facilitate NIL partnerships for current and future Miami student-athletes,” the collective said in a news release. Canes Connection launched with two major partners – Shadow Lion, a sports content creation company, and LifeWallet Sports, which will help provide agreements that comply with all laws and NCAA rules. “We look forward to initiating partnerships for University of Miami student-athletes on a local and national scale and are confident in our $10 million annual goal,” Goldmeier said. “Our dedication to providing the best opportunities will allow the Canes Connection to be the standard in the NIL space.” Canes Connection says it will partner and work with Miami student-athletes in all 17 of the school's varsity sports.

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