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  • JC Shurburtt


Carolina Rise is a South Carolina-focused NIL collective launched in May 2022. “Many collectives around the Southeastern Conference have as much as eight figures pledged annually,” Carolina Rise’s website says. “Clemson, Carolina's in-state rival, launched a collective that has $5.5 million on hand at launch. To help keep the Gamecocks in the game against the toughest competition in college sports, we need the Gamecock Nation to get behind this. There is power in numbers. No contribution is too small or too large.” Carolina Rise is owned by JC Shurburtt and Cameron Shurburtt. JC Shurburtt is the owner and founder of The collective says it is an LLC. “The time to run Carolina Rise is donated 100% by the Shurburtt family,” the collective’s website says. “The only money from your membership fees that do not go in the pockets of Carolina athletes are for minor business expenses like credit card fees, site hosting, etc.” Carolina Rise signed its first student-athlete to a NIL deal in August 2022.

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