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Dec 2021



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Texas Longhorn donors, former athletes and sports marketer Nick Shuley founded the Clark Field Collective in January 2022 after securing an initial commitment of $10 million for Texas NIL activities. The collective’s ultimate goal? Create the nation’s biggest dedicated NIL fund for Texas Longhorn student-athletes. “The University of Texas at Austin maintains the largest, wealthiest alumni donor base in the entire country,” Shuley said. “It’s time a network like this existed to support our college athletes. The collective is being established to make that happen.” Shuley has experience in both sports and music marketing, including successful efforts for events like Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza. Former Longhorn athletes are helping with the collective, including Texas basketball great TJ Ford and NFL veteran Kenny Vaccaro. Both are board members of the Clark Field Collective. “The best University in the country deserves a NIL program to match," Ford said. “With Austin now home to some of the biggest businesses in the world, we knew there was an easy way to connect the business community to athletes while creating something that not only facilitates opportunity but also educates and helps prepare them for life after sports.”