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Friends of the Heights (FHF) was formed in early November 2022 by a group of Boston College alumni and friends with a mission to service the NIL needs of Eagles student-athletes through community-oriented non-profit organizations. Instead of FHF picking which charities are used, athletes will be given the opportunity to pick what charitable organization to do work for. While the collective has yet to earn 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, it has submitted an application that is pending. The charity will receive the student-athlete’s time as well as NIL. A former Boston College quarterback in the late 1990s, Scott Mutryn is one of the four board of directors for FHF. “It is crucial that Boston College does not get left behind in this newly legalized process,” he said in a statement. “The only way that Boston College can do this is by supporting athletes through donations.” The Boston College-focused collective has also brought on Accelerate Sports Venture to handle the contracts and logistics of decimating the funds.

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