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Dec 2021


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  • Rob Blair


When telling the story of the proliferation of collectives, Horns with Heart deserves its own chapter. In December 2021, the announcement of Horns with Heart, a nonprofit charity foundation, raised eyebrows throughout the industry because it was specific to a position group and equated to a yearly salary in the eyes of some critics. Each scholarship offensive lineman on the Texas roster receives at least $50,000 annually for making charity appearances and bringing awareness to worthy causes. Rob Blair, one of six co-founders of Horns with Heart, told On3 at the time, “Getting out at the forefront of (NIL) is the biggest thing for us – making sure Texas is not getting left behind.” The announcement of Horns with Heart likely spurred boosters of other elite football programs to begin discussing and forming many of the collectives you see today. Clark Field Collective is a key participating donor to Horns with Heart.