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  • Jason Bergman


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  • Darren Heitner


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JUNE 7, 2023 UPDATE: With the emergence of Florida Victorious, it appears MarketPryce Florida is no longer operating as a true collective supporting Florida student-athletes. PREVIOUS INFORMATION: Launched in Oct. 2021, MarketPryce Florida’s focus is connecting Gator student-athletes to alumni, fans and local businesses through NIL partnerships. The group launched with more than 40-plus Gainesville-based businesses. By partnering with local businesses, MarketPryce Florida says it can disperse the NIL donations on a rolling basis and pay UF student-athletes to promote these local businesses. “At MarketPryce, we believe that every athlete, no matter their gender, background or social media following should have equal access to endorsement deals,” MarketPryce CEO and UF grad Jason Bergman said. “With MarketPryce Florida, every student-athlete at UF is going to be able to have an equal opportunity to promote some really cool local Gainesville businesses.” Fellow UF alum Darren Heitner, who has become a nationally prominent source of NIL news, is an advisor to MarketPryce Florida.

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