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Apr 2022



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  • Mike Underwood


  • James Coleman


  • Chris Frazier

    Director of Player Relations

Micconope 1851 was founded in April 2022 by Florida State alum Mike Underwood and fellow alum and former player James Coleman with the purpose of providing financial earning opportunities but also providing developmental opportunities. “Micconope 1851 is supported by former players, alumni, fans and business owners alike whose love and passion for Florida State University is unparalleled,” the collective’s website says. “It is this shared passion that leads to generous contributions of time, resources and financial contributions. These gifts of time and resources committed to Micconope 1851 is what makes us different.” All FSU student-athletes will be provided access to free workshops and seminars hosted by successful alums in areas such as financial literacy, investment strategies for young adults, and the importance of self-branding and entrepreneurship. “These amazing contributions of time is how Micconope 1851 will enhance the lives of student-athletes far beyond the playing field,” the collective’s website says. Additionally, the foundation of Micconope 1851 says it is steeped in reverence for the Seminole Tribe of Florida. In February 2023, Micconope 1851 announced it is partnering with Blueprint Sports, one of the top collective operating companies in the industry.

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