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  • Erick Kriewaldt


Minnesota NIL was originally launched as the Gopher Collective in March 2022. Founder Erick Kriewaldt says the group’s focus is to empower athletes to maximize their value through strategic and NCAA-compliant partnerships. Minnesota NIL also hopes to provide businesses, organizations and fans with a platform to connect with Gopher student-athletes through a technology platform that allows them to focus on their education and sport. “We are proud to be from Minnesota and think that there is no better place to learn and grow,” Minnesota NIL’s website says. “Many followers of the athletic teams have championship dreams and spend their hard-earned money to watch athletes go into battle. Unfortunately, very little of that cash goes to the players responsible for the generation of that revenue. Minneapolis is a beautiful city booming with local and international businesses that can help these college athletes receive fair compensation for their hard work and bring our teams to the forefront of college athletics.”