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  • Emmy Armintrout

    Executive Director, General Manager

  • Mindy Blakeslee

    Board Member

  • Henry McRae

    Business Development Manager

  • Tiffany Baird Girouard

    Board Member

  • Gerald Swanson

    Board President

  • Andy Baker

    Board Member

Founded in February 2022, Montlake Futures helps 501(c)(3) organizations work with University of Washington student-athletes to “promote, fundraise and support their missions.” Montlake Futures pairs athletes with non-profits and each pairing features hours, promotions and NIL rights that the non-profit can apply at its discretion. Montlake Futures covers the cost of the packages. There are social, appearance, ambassador and spokesperson packages, each of which offers different term lengths to use an athlete's NIL, numbers of social media posts and other benefits. “It’s not only important to the ethos on campus and us at Montlake Futures but also to the UW alumni base that NIL looks and feels high integrity here — which of course presents unique challenges, but I think is a pretty great thing to strive for,” Montlake Futures Executive Director and General Manager Emmy Armintrout told the Seattle Times. “So not to say that we’re the only collective going for that, but what makes us unique is what makes UW and the UW alumni base unique. It’s the history that we have, the culture that we have and the access to this amazing city.”