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  • Mike Arasin

    Board Member

  • Nick Davis

    Board Member

  • Steve Fleming

    Board Member

  • Keith Jones

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  • Ned Sheffield

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  • Wesley Spruill

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  • Brett Whiteside

    Executive Director

  • Jason Campbell

    Player representative

  • JJ Arminio


Launched in July 2022, On To Victory was launched by a group of six longtime supporters that say 90% of proceeds are going directly to Auburn athletes. “It is our Auburn Family and their Auburn Spirit that separates us from all others,” Board member Dr. Wesley Spruill, a physician in Tuscaloosa said. “The goal of On To Victory is to be the voice of our donors and of our Auburn Family and assist them in forever changing the lives of our student-athletes.” Within months the collective emerged as the go-to group in the Auburn NIL space. On To Victory has created a number of ways to create recurring incoming, including a membership platform and WarEagle+, "official content network for the Auburn Tigers."

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