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  • Jennifer Poole

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  • Steve Reibert

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  • Brandon Weeden

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  • Gina Noble

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  • Ed Raschen

    Board President

  • Tom Ritchie

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  • David Downing

    Executive Director

Pokes with a Purpose was launched in June 2022, and it quickly absorbed fellow Oklahoma State focused collective Unbridled NIL. Pokes with a Purpose says it is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of providing NIL opportunities for all Oklahoma State student-athletes as well as fundraising opportunities for charitable organizations. “The charities, chosen by the athletes or teams, will benefit from the media exposure and in turn help Oklahomans in need,” the collective’s website says. “The athletes will receive character-building experiences and partnerships within their community as well as receive compensation for use of their NIL. Pokes with a Purpose will also be serving as a matchmaker for businesses and players.” The program is led by alumni and donors and supported by former OSU greats like and NFL stars Brandon Weeden and Kenyatta Wright. “We’re different than most NIL collectives because we offer opportunities for all OSU recruited and walk-on athletes,” Weeden said. “The fact that this NIL helps all varsity sports, men and women, whether it be a full scholarship, partial scholarship, or a walk-on athlete, sets us apart from any collective out there… and reinforces the culture of family at OSU.”

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