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Apr 2022


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Not much is known about the Purdue-focused collective called The Boiler Trust. The collective’s website does not list any founders, board members or people involved in running the day-to-day operations. But the collective plans to operate as a non-profit and is filing for 501(c)3 status. “The Boiler Trust, as the first Purdue NIL collective, aims to support Purdue Athletes by connecting them with opportunities to benefit from the value of their NIL,” the collective’s website says. “Networking and the community of Purdue alumni and fans is at the heart of The Boiler Trust’s vision.” The Boiler Trust hopes to attract member donors large and small. “All Purdue fans and alumni will be welcome to donate up to their level of comfort,” the collective says. “Those at higher levels of membership will have more visibility into inner workings and planning, but an appropriate level of visibility should be kept with all members to maintain trust in the organization.”