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Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban’s highly publicized spat over NIL put the Aggies under the microscope. Yet, Texas A&M’s collective – deemed “The Fund” by organizers and donors to the group – has been operating under the radar since NIL was approved by the NCAA and made acceptable in the Lone Star State. While other collectives have splashy websites and active social media accounts, The Fund operates in obscurity. No founders are listed anywhere. No annual goals are available. In fact, investors in The Fund told The Athletic they didn’t understand why boosters in other collectives feel the need to advertise their groups. As far as publicity goes, The Fund operators told The Athletic they feel word-of-mouth between recruits and players will be plenty to ensure the people they’ll work with know what is available. Amounts raised aren’t publicly available, but insiders say The Fund has generated tens of millions of dollars. Multiple investors in The Fund told The Athletic that several members of the 2022 football recruiting class did secure NIL deals, but the total numbers are in the low single-digit millions.

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