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Launched in 2021, The Wildcats’ Den was founded by former K-State star and business leader Aaron Lockett. However, The Wildcats’ Den locked in a new partnership and rebranded with Blueprint Sports – one of the top collective operators in the country – in March 2022. The Wildcats’ Den will operate with a focus on football and volleyball. “Opportunities are unlimited at Kansas State with so many alumni, partners, and supporters. As student-athletes create connections with local companies and attend community events, they need the Wildcats’ Den to maximize their possibilities,” said Lockett. “I want to help our student-athletes and their families because they deserve more for their hard work and devotion.” In addition to Lockett, the partnership with Blueprint Sports brings other notable names in the K-State family including former football player and co-founder of the K-State Staley School of Leadership Chad Faulkner and Steve Miller, former Athletic Director at K-State. Miller currently serves as chief executive officer for the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, a founding partner of Blueprint Sports. Through the Wildcats’ Den individuals can make tax-deductible contributions through the BPS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) partner organization formed to educate, encourage and assist student-athletes in their efforts to engage with the local community through charitable causes. Additionally, local and national businesses can align their brands with K-State student-athletes by creating custom marketing campaigns, planning speaking engagements, autograph sessions, participating in charity events and more.

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