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Andy Wittry01/17/23

ESPN’s Monday Night Football has received a major boost over recent seasons, teaming up former NFL quarterbacks – and brothers – Eli and Peyton Manning for a unique look at the game with special guests and analysis rather than traditional play-by-play and commentary. Now through its second season, many have called for an expanded slate of the program which would include all weeks of the NFL season.

However, Peyton Manning dismissed the idea of covering more games moving forward following the final broadcast of the 2022-23 season on Wildcard Weekend between the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“One thing I think comes through is just how much Eli and I enjoy this,” Peyton Manning said, via Fast Company. “We laugh a lot. If you maybe go to 17 games, maybe we’re not laughing as much, and it starts to get repetitive. ESPN has certainly mentioned going up to 12 games or more, and Eli and I held strong. We just feel the show is better if we keep it to the 10.”

The Manning Cast takes occasional breaks throughout the season to provide to brothers personal time, but also to bring attention back to its traditional broadcast. The company made a major investment in its primary broadcast team last year by bringing longtime FOX duo Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to its booth.

Eli Manning weighs in on Manning Cast schedule

With the current schedule set for 10 Manning Cast broadcasts per season, and the revelation ESPN holds interest in expanding further, Eli Manning made his case for why the current format improves the quality of the product and keeps things fresh on air.

“I don’t want to see him every week and get his voice memos of breaking down (game) film,” Eli Manning said. “There’s something to people wanting more, and if we’re on too much, they might not want more. It keeps me motivated.”

Among the many guests to appear on the Manning Cast over the first two seasons, current and former players have brought unique analysis on the offense, defense and coaches making decisions on the field.

The show even gained a level of infamy among players early on as the “Manning Cast curse” struck multiple quarterbacks who made an appearance ahead of the next week’s game.

The Manning brothers will continue working in the forefront of the NFL’s programming even after the last Manning Cast as participants in the Pro Bowl festivities in a few weeks.