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Virginia Tech athlete couple Jesse and Madison Hanson star in NIL ad

Andy Wittry11/11/22
Article written by:On3 imageAndy Wittry



Virginia Tech left guard Jesse Hanson and infielder Madison Hanson opened their doors to a production crew as the married couple teamed up for a unique advertisement through an NIL deal with K-Guard Virginia Gutters. The Virginia Tech-focused marketing agency Triumph NIL helped facilitate the partnership.

In the commercial, Jesse and Madison Hanson are in the kitchen. They play out a scene where they try to find time in their busy schedules to clean their gutters. Between their studies and playing their respective sports, they have trouble finding a time that works.

“Honey, do you think we might be able to clean the gutters on Saturday?” Madison asks Jesse in the commercial.

“I can’t. It’s game day,” he responds.

“Oh, that’s right,” Madison says. “Maybe next week?”

“Practice, film and school’s got me swamped,” Jesse says.

“Well, I would help but I have practice, weights and studies every day, too,” Madison responds.

“There’s got to be a better way,” Jesse says.

“Why don’t we call K-Guard?” Madison says.

In an NIL landscape where many partnerships and deals are marketed as being the first of their kind or unprecedented, the Hansons’ partnership might actually hold that distinction. It has a unique value proposition.

Athletes, homeowners and couples alike can likely relate to elements of the K-Guard Virginia Gutters ad.

“I’ve been anxious to add a new element to my commercial spots that would resonate in the Roanoke Valley,” K-Guard Virginia Gutters owner Ryan Boitnott said in a statement. “Jesse and Madison have local ties and made great sense to grab the attention of those in our community looking for gutter replacement this Fall.”

Triumph NIL creates partnerships for Virginia Tech athletes

Jesse and Madison Hanson are two of the 63 Virginia Tech athletes who have signed with Triumph NIL.

“Ryan [Boitnott] came to us seeking a unique solution to stimulate brand awareness and generate revenue,” Triumph NIL partner Doug Hicks said in a statement. “Jesse and Madison are talented athletes and, being married, made for a compelling storyline in the spot.”

In August, On3 named Triumph NIL one of the 20 most ambitious NIL collectives in the country. The term NIL collective is a catch-all phrase for various organizations, ranging from marketing agencies to nonprofit organizations, that help facilitate NIL opportunities for athletes.

Triumph NIL previously announced partnerships with 28 Virginia Tech football players valued at $300,000. That was part of a rollout of marketing agreements worth $500,000.

Triumph NIL has assisted with creative marketing opportunities. It was involved in co-branding Virginia Tech’s football equipment truck and standout wrestler Mekhi Lewis going to a haunted attraction before Halloween.