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Joel Klatt reveals real cause of NIL dysfunction

Stephen Samra08/04/22
Article written by:On3 imageStephen Samra


Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Joel Klatt has some strong words regarding NIL and the perceived dysfunction it’s been causing throughout college football.

On Wednesday, the FOX college football analyst took to Twitter to reveal the real cause of the controversies surrounding NIL in his mind.

“CFB fans, here is the deal on NIL: When you hear ‘there are no rules’ that is not entirely accurate. The rules are not being enforced!” tweeted Klatt. “There are rules that define ‘boosters’ and what they can a can’t do. Rules about tampering and inducements They aren’t being enforced.

“The lack of enforcement has more to do with the fact that several states have legislation that is worded differently and varies from state to state. Because of this the ONLY way forward for a cohesive, competitive, and fair NIL environment is Federal Legislation.”

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Now, Klatt isn’t the first and he won’t be the last to call for Federal Legislation when it comes to NIL. However, there are many things on the plate of decision-makers, and when NIL graces their desk remains to be seen.

In the meantime, Joel Klatt and college football fans throughout the world will be forced to watch as NIL — and everything that’s come along with it — remains a hot topic. It’s evident change is on the horizon, but it may be awhile before we see it.

Joel Klatt assesses NCAA’s future, what they can learn from the NFL

Continuing, Joel Klatt has some fascinating opinions on USC and UCLA bolting for the Big Ten, and the FOX analyst believes the sport of college football can learn a thing or two from the NFL.

First, Klatt joined Colin Cowherd on The Volume to talk about how people have been living in a fantasy-land when it comes to the sport, and USC’s move to the Big Ten was some shrewd business.

“It was also unfair to think that we were just going to thrust onto the backs of programs like USC and Miami in some sense in the ACC, and the Alabama‘s of the world and the Ohio State‘s in the world. Like, Texas. Texas is a better example. Texas and OU (Oklahoma), USC. You’ve got to make all the money for all of us, and then we’re going to split that equally. It’s like, hold on. Timeout. That can’t be your model. That’s model going to get blown up,” started Klatt. “I think it’s unfair to expect USC to remain loyal in that situation. That’s not a popular opinion, obviously. People want the idealistic world, and the utopia world. Where it’s all kumbaya and everything. But that’s just not reality. Economic reality, business reality.”

Evidently, Klatt is firmly in USC’s corner — despite some of the harsh reaction throughout the college football world for upsetting the apple cart. Continuing, Klatt stated that the sport has been “vulnerable” for an extended period of time, and the powers at be need to learn from the NFL’s way of doing business.

“College football has been vulnerable for a long time, and the reason is no one has been looking out for the whole,” explained Klatt. “There’s a reason the NFL is sitting where it’s at right now, and it’s not just because it’s the tailor-made sport for television. That’s helped, but it’s also because way back when, they circled the wagons and they came together and said this is the model that’s going to make us ultimately more valuable than anything else.

“That’s been their model, they stuck to it and look at where they’re at now.”