Who falls in top 10 female athlete On3 NIL Valuations?

On3 imageby:Pete Nakos10/04/22


On3 has launched profiles and NIL Valuations for the most influential female athletes across the college athletics landscape.

From basketball to golf, more than 100 athletes have been added to the NIL database. In the first year and change of the NIL Era, women have proven to be some of the biggest trailblazers in the space. When football players were excluded from Opendorse’s data at the Year 1 anniversary of NIL, women were involved in nearly 53 percent of all activities. 

Let’s take a dive into which women rank hold the top 10 On3 NIL Valuations with the new release.

1. Livvy Dunne

On3 NIL Valuation: $2.3 million
Social media following: 8.3 million
Per Post Value: $31,000
Sport: Gymnastics

LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne has been a trailblazer in the NIL space since the NCAA puts its interim policy in place on July 1, 2021. Now a junior, she earned All-America honors on uneven bars last year and landed on the SEC academic honor roll. And for all the success she has had in the gym, she’s continued to build her brand outside of gymnastics. Her social media following has grown to over 8 million. She’s inked deals with American Eagle, Plant Fuel, Bartleby and others. Her exclusive brand partnership with Vuori Clothing was her first. It also reportedly netted her a mid-six-figure payday. And when she’s gifted free clothing as part of deals, she typically gives them to her teammates. As the second year of NIL kicks into high gear, Dunne will continue to be a leader.

2. Sunisa Lee

On3 NIL Valuation: $1.5 million
Social media following: 3.5 million
Per Post Value: $21,000
Sport: Gymnastics

Before the NCAA changed its NIL policies, there’s a strong possibility chance Sunisa Lee never would have competed for Auburn. She captured gold in the gymnastics’ All Around in Tokyo’s 2021 Summer Olympics. Lee was the pillar of the USA’s silver medal team win, too. She was named SEC Freshman of the Year this past spring and captured eight All-America honors. All of it has combined to be a stellar platform for her to profit off her NIL. The sophomore has 3.5 million social media followers across Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. And she’s used it to sign notable partnerships with Amazon, Gatorade and Target, among others. Before 2021, Lee would have been left with the decision to profit off her Olympic performance or head to Auburn without monetizing her NIL. Now she can be compensated and fill up SEC gyms.

3. Paige Bueckers

On3 NIL Valuation: $816,000
Social media following: 31.5 million
Per Post Value: $11,200
Sport: Women’s basketball

Paige Bueckers, the 2020-21 national player of the year, won’t be playing basketball this winter. The UConn star announced in August she had suffered an ACL injury. That has not hurt her marketability, though. She recently signed on with Bose. Bueckers has a deal with Crocs, and she became the first student-athlete to ever sign a NIL deal with Gatorade back in December. Since then, she’s rolled out her own custom bottle as part of Gatorade’s Fuel Tomorrow Gx Collection. The guard will have three years of eligibility remaining following this season. And even though she is eligible to head for the WNBA, she announced earlier this month she will return to the Huskies for the 2023-24 season.

4. Haley Cavinder

On3 NIL Valuation: $794,000
Social media following: 4.5 million
Per Post Value: $10,700
Sport: Women’s basketball

Maybe no two athletes have defined the NIL Era more than the Cavinder Twins. Haley Cavinder and her sister Hanna started the new age of the NCAA with a major move, announcing a deal with Boost Mobile in New York City’s Times Square. Since then, they’ve inked more than 30 other partnerships. They’ve harnessed the power of being twins in the social media age, too. They each have their own Instagram account, while also sharing a page. Add that on to a combined TikTok account with more than 4 million followers and there’s loads of potential. Over the past year and change, they’ve joined forces with Venmo, Champs Sports and Core Hydration, among others. For their success, the sisters were also named as one of On3’s top 25 most influential figures in NIL. Bueckers is also on the list.

5. Hanna Cavinder

On3 NIL Valuation: $790,000
Social media following: 4.5 million
Per Post Value: $10,600
Sport: Women’s basketball

Hanna and Haley Cavinder announced plans this past spring to transfer from Fresno State to Miami. And while the two have come out and stated NIL did not play a role in their move to South Beach, there’s no questioning the profit they stand to make off the move. Playing for an ACC team in a major media market gets their brand in front of more eyeballs automatically. Plus, the opportunity to seriously contend for an NCAA Tournament bid. That’s something the twins were never able to accomplish at Fresno State.

6. Flaujae Johnson

On3 NIL Valuation: $587,000
Social media following: 1.1 million
Per Post Value: $8,000
Sport: Women’s basketball

Flaujae Johnson has the potential to be the biggest name in the NIL space. She has an established following already because of her hip-hop brand, and she’s really just starting to build on her on-court recognition. Brands have started to realize that, too. The LSU freshman signed a shoe deal with Puma in September. One of the top-ranked recruits in the 2022 class, she was a McDonald’s All-American this past season. Johnson’s social media following is huge, too, thanks to her hip-hop presence. Between With 1.1 million followers on social media, she has another 124,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Johnson has the opportunity to earn millions in NIL over the course of her career in Baton Rouge.

7. Hailey Van Lith

On3 NIL Valuation: $545,000
Social media following: 788,000
Per Post Value: $7,500
Sport: Women’s basketball

Hailey Van Lith is one of the most marketable athletes in the NIL Era. The Louisville basketball star got the Cardinals to the Final Four this past season before falling to South Carolina. The All-ACC first-teamer averaged 14.4 points per game in 34 games. She has built a strong social media following, too. The former McDonald’s All-American has 788,000 social media followers. Adidas, Dicks Sporting Goods, Valentino, Overtime and Billionaire Girls Club have all signed deals with the Louisville star. Her brand is really starting to take off, too. Van Lith still has three years of eligibility remaining if she wishes to use it.

8. Sedona Prince

On3 NIL Valuation: $529,000
Social media following: 3.3 million
Per Post Value: $7,300
Sport: Women’s basketball

Sedona Prince became a TikTok star during the 2021 NCAA Tournament when she exposed the disparity between the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournament. Her videos spurred real change. For starters, there are now 68 teams in the women’s tourney. Players now receive an identical gift bag to their male counterparts. Prince has also become a bit of a celebrity. She has 3.3 million social media followers. She won Female Athlete of the Year at the inaugural NIL Summit. And she’s signed some sweet partnerships, inking deals with crocs, Native and Doordash. She has college eligibility remaining, too, and will be playing for Oregon this winter. She is also one of On3’s top 25 most influential figures in NIL.

9. Jade Carey

On3 NIL Valuation: $258,000
Social media following: 367,000
Per Post Value: $3,500
Sport: Gymnastics

Jade Carey‘s NCAA debut was delayed to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Olympics being put on pause for a summer. The five-time U.S. national team member, she finally made her appearance at Oregon State in January and quickly proved why she was the 2021 Olympic gold medalist in the floor exercise. Carey earned Pac-12 Gymnast of the Year and Freshman of the Year honors, too. Her NIL opportunities are by far the most lucrative of any Oregon State athlete. She’s signed with Amazon Fashion, Reebok and OZONE Leotards have only helped her brand. And she still has three years of eligibility remaining.

10. Grace McCallum

On3 NIL Valuation: $209,000
Social media following: 417,000
Per Post Value: $3,000
Sport: Gymnastics

Another team USA member, Grace McCallum contributed to the silver medal win. She also made her NCAA debut this past winter, finishing second in the all-around at the Pac-12 championships behind Jade Carey. Only 19 years old, McCallum is a rising star in gymnastics and her 417k social media followers serve as proof. To date, she has signed on with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Headspace and Unilever, among others. The gymnast helped Utah to a third-place finish at NCAAs. This winter she’ll look to place in individual competition.

About the On3 NIL Valuation

The On3 NIL Valuation is the industry’s leading index that sets the standard market NIL value for high school and college athletes. A proprietary algorithm, the On3 NIL Valuation calculates an athlete’s NIL value using dynamic data points targeting three primary categories:

+ Performance
+ Influence
+ Exposure

While the algorithm includes deal data, it does not act as a tracker of the value of NIL deals athletes have completed to date, nor does it set an athlete’s NIL valuation for their entire career. The On3 NIL Valuation calculates the optimized NIL opportunity for athletes relative to the overall NIL market and projects out to as long as 12 months into the future.