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Dabo Swinney shares message to Clemson fans who want to go to SEC

Matt Connolly07/21/22
Article written by:On3 imageMatt Connolly


Dabo Swinney
Dabo Swinney met with the media at the ACC Kickoff event on Wednesday. (ACC Portal)

CHARLOTTE — There is plenty of speculation about Clemson potentially moving conferences some time over the next few years.

With SEC and Big Ten schools set to receive tens of millions of dollars more in TV revenue than ACC programs, there is talk that Clemson could explore its options and try to end up in the SEC.

Dabo Swinney was asked Wednesday at the ACC Kickoff event what his message is to fans who want Clemson to jump to the SEC.

“I would just say bloom where you’re planted,” Swinney said. “People come to Clemson because we’re Clemson. Cade Klubnik came from Austin, Texas to South Carolina because that’s where Clemson is. He didn’t come for any other reason. DJ came from California, because that’s where Clemson’s located. Trevor came because that’s where Clemson is.”

Swinney said several times Wednesday that he is not concerned about the future of the ACC

Instead, he is letting Clemson President Jim Clements and Clemson Athletics Director Graham Neff handle all of those issues and conversations.

With that said, no matter what happens with the Tigers, Swinney insists Clemson will be just fine.

“It always comes back to the program and the people and the culture of the place and those types of things. That’s what’s drawn people to Clemson. It’s not been revenue stream or a TV contract or a league we play in or don’t play in,” Swinney said.

“I think we’ve got a pretty good track record and a pretty good resume of being able to compete with anybody. So my message is, just support Clemson. It’ll all work itself out one way or another.”

Dabo Swinney speaks about conference realignment

Whether Clemson does or does not move conferences down the road, Dabo Swinney expects big changes to continue to come to college football.

“Most football people know there needs to be a restructuring of college football and a whole new governance structure,” Swinney said. “It’s just not feasible anymore. The Power 5 has different issues [than other leagues]. There’s decisions that need to be made.”

Swinney doesn’t know exactly what college football will look like a few years from now or what changes are coming. But he firmly believes that the current college football model isn’t suustainable.

“I just know it’s coming, because I know there’s gonna be expansion. There’s gonna be more playoffs. The TV people, they’ve gotta figure it all out and do what’s best for college football,” Swinney said. “Football’s never been a tournament sport. If they wanna make it that, you can’t have 130 teams for one little tournament, in football. So a restructuring.”