1 Day Left in 2010 KSR Favorite Blogger Voting
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1 Day Left in 2010 KSR Favorite Blogger Voting

Bryan the Internalmost 11 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
After 6 days of voting (9,788 votes total) Matt Jones: 2,784 (28%) Drew Franklin: 2,611 (27%) Beisner: 1,724 (18%) Tyler Thompson: 860 (9%) BTI: 638 (7%) Kate Martin: 613 (6%) Will Lentz: 194 (2%) Dustin Rumbaugh: 141 (1%) Patrick Barker: 81 (1%) Hunter Campbell: 65 (1%) Christopher Johns: 57 (1%) In our 4 years of holding this contest, we have never had a final day of voting with the Top 2 guys being this close.  If Drew Franklin beats Matt Jones by as many votes as he did yesterday, he will win this contest in a shocking comeback.  So, you will have until 10AM tomorrow morning to vote. By the way, thanks again to everybody who reads KSR and votes in these kinds of contests.  If my memory serves me correctly, the first time we held this contest in 2007, we ended up with a total of 200 or so votes over two weeks.  This year we will surpass 10,000. Vote.  Now.  For BTI.

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