10 For Tuesday, Vol. 2: Andrew Wiggins Edition

Drew Franklinover 8 years


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10fortuesday2 "10 For Tuesday" is back for the second time and this week I'm airing out all the Andrew Wiggins stuff I have left in me. It was a long and tiresome run, following Wiggins, and now it's finally over and (almost) out of mind. After today we can move on with our lives and enjoy the crop of talent John Calipari brought in and the crop of talent Mark Stoops is currently pursuing for the rebirth of UK football. No more Wigginsanity. But first, enjoy "10 For Tuesday, Vol. 2" featuring 10 random Andrew Wiggins thoughts and observations:   1.) The kid who waited entirely too long to decide, announced six minutes early. I find it funny that Andrew was so quick to announce his decision once the ceremony got underway. The radio show took a commercial break to be back on the air for the scheduled 12:15 ET announcement, but Wiggins pulled the trigger during the first commercial of the break and KSR missed out on the live reaction, which is the only reason we were given a third hour today. All those months and months of waiting and we missed it because he announced it six minutes earlier than expected. 2.) Kansas is going to be good. Eventually. Prior to Wiggins' commitment, Kansas was a good team but certainly not a title contender. Bill Self lost all five starters from last season's team, a one seed in the tourney, and the only significant returning players combined for a little over 13 points last season. Wayne Selden highlighted the class up until today, but even he wasn't enough to put KU in the preseason top ten. But with Wiggins on board, things are different in Lawrence. ESPN's Jason King bumped the Jayhawks up to No. 5 in his preseason rankings and the Vegas odds for Kansas to win the title shifted from 30-1 to 10-1. It'll take a little while for Bill Self to figure it out -- this is his youngest team at Kansas -- but when they get it going, look out for a potential NCAA runner-up basketball team. 3.) The Champions Classic just got even better. That Kansas-Duke matchup we'll be seeing in Chicago on November 12? It now features Andrew Wiggins versus Jabari Parker. Get your popcorn ready. 4.) The real loser in all this is Marcus Smart. Smart returned to Oklahoma State despite being a top-five prospect in the 2013 NBA Draft. He would've been the heavy favorite for Big 12 Player of the Year entering next season, but now it is Andrew Wiggins' trophy to lose. Not to mention, Kansas is now in position to win its, like, 40th consecutive Big 12 title. 5.) I take that back. The real loser is Nike. If Nike execs had their way, Andrew Wiggins would've signed with Kentucky weeks ago. Kansas is the last decision they wanted to see. But you don't believe all that sneaker talk, do ya? 6.) I wonder what kind of role the twins played in Wiggins picking KU. No, not Andrew and Aaron Harrison, although they could've been a factor. I mean the Gonzalez twins at Kansas... THOSE twins. Wow. 7.) Grant Traylor still has over 10,000 Twitter followers. That's a huge following for the beat reporter for Marshall softball, and the number is way down from where it was this morning. Traylor made it all the way up to 17,800 followers after it was announced he'd be the only media in attendance. You people are crazy. 8.) Has anyone checked on Leonard Hamilton? That's a tough loss for Florida State. The national media predicted Hamilton to win the Wiggins sweepstakes, but it was his former assistant, Bill Self, who won out in the end. Florida State needed this one. 9.) James Young. Alex Poythress. 10.) Kentucky still has the No. 1 recruiting class in America and will be ranked No. 1 to start the season. Don't forget that.

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