10 Things More Awkward Than The Drew Barker Press Conference If He Chooses USC

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


awkward Tomorrow afternoon, Drew Barker will go before family, friends and fans in the Conner High School auditorium to announce his college decision. Barker is considering Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee, but many believe it is down to the Wildcats and the Gamecocks. Since Mark Stoops took over, the staff made landing Barker a priority, and had a lot of ground to make up since the previous staff pretty much had no idea who he was. Until the spring game, most believed Barker was a South Carolina lean, but the record-breaking crowd at Commonwealth Stadium opened his eyes to what UK football is about to become. Suddenly, Barker wasn't as sold on playing for the Ole Ball Coach, and Kentucky was a real contender for his services. When Barker announced his decision date last week, he invited the general public to attend, which anyone with common sense would say means he's going to pick Kentucky. However, most national analysts believe that he will choose South Carolina. We've gone over the reasons he should be a Cat for the past few weeks--he could be the face of the resurgent UK football program, start a domino effect of top in-state players coming to be heroes at their homestate school, and continue the tradition of UK quarterbacks from Kentucky. But, what if he puts on that garnet and black Gamecocks hat tomorrow before an auditorium full of Big Blue Fans? That's going to be pretty darn awkward. Will fans boo? Will the clap politely? Will they cringe and quietly sneak out the back? I still think Barker will choose Kentucky, but if he decides to go to South Carolina, here are ten things more awkward than tomorrow's press conference: 1) Andrew Wiggins picking Louisville. (Actually, this scenario just makes me want to cry and punch things.) 2) Going on an anti-marriage or anti-children rant to a friend who is about to tell you she's engaged or pregnant 3) KSR winning a Pulitzer (We'll be sure to thank Jerry Tipton in our speech.) 4) Sending a tweet that was meant to be a direct message (Am I right, Tom Crean?) 5) John Calipari running into Shabazz Muhammad at the NBA Draft 6) Your boss catching you looking at job listings...while at work 7) Complaining about the gluten-free craze to someone who has Celiac disease (Been there, done that) 8) Your first trip to Porcini's after hearing about the Pitino/Sypher incident 9) Being in the bathroom at work when other people in the stalls "need privacy" 10) Joker Phillips accidentally going into the home locker room when Florida comes to town on September 28th Your turn.

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