100 Pop Culture Predictions For 2016

Megan Suttlesover 5 years


Aritcle written by:Megan SuttlesMegan Suttles
image1. 2016 will be an interesting year in pop culture 2. I will still have not seen Hamilton. 3. I will try desperately to go see Hamilton. 4. I won't get to see Adele in concert. 5. I will try desperately to go see Adele. 6. Coldplay will have fewer wardrobe changes than Katy Perry at the Super Bowl 7. Coldplay will play "Yellow" even though it's not appropriate for the Super Bowl venue 8.If the Eagles of Death Metal accompany Coldplay during the Super Bowl it will be ballsy and awesome 9. The Doritos commercial will be your favorite 10. You will wonder, why isn't Taylor Swift the halftime show 11. Taylor Swift will win a Grammy. 12. Alabama Shakes will win a Grammy 13. Taylor Swift will win multiple Grammys. 14. LL Cool J will not be a sensational Grammy host 15. His dimples, however, will be sensational 16. Kim Kardashian will post a scandalous picture 17. Khloe Kardashian will post a scandalous picture 18. Kendall Jenner will post a scandalous picture 19. Kylie Jenner will post a scandalous picture (those were four easy predictions) 20. Donald Trump will make more memorable quotes (speaking of easy predictions) 21. The election will create new catch phrases (some examples from previous years: "lockbox," "hanging chads," and "birthers") 22. Saturday Night Live will benefit from renewed interest in politics 23. Somewhere, somebody is working on their Marco Rubio impersonation 24. Somewhere, somebody is hoping Donald Trump will drop out of the race 25. He'll drop out eventually, right? 26. "If" he drops out of the race, the speech will be amazing 27. Donald Trump will be voted as the winner of Dancing with the Stars 2016 #MakeBallroomDancingGreatAgain 28. Stephen Colbert will continue to make fun of Jeb Bush's "Jeb!" Campaign slogan 29. Stephen Colbert will continue to find his stride on network television 30. America will get to know Trevor Noah better 31. America will get to know John Oliver even better 32. John Oliver will find even more ways for me to be disappointed in America 33. John Oliver will find even more ways for me to be disappointed in America and still have hope 34. Carly Fiorina's American flag pin game will be strong 35. Hilary Clinton's pantsuit game will be even stronger 36. Your Facebook friends will enrage you with all of their posts 37. You will get rid of your Facebook account 38. You will feel so self righteous when you post your last Facebook status 39. You will rejoin to post your "I voted" sticker 40. I will fall for another fake news story on Twitter 41. There will NOT be a Sons of Anarchy movie starring Brad Pitt as Jax's dad 42. Babies will be named after Star Wars characters 43. Nothing will come close to Star Wars:The Force Awakens' opening numbers 44. Not even Kung Fu Panda 3 45. Not even Angry Birds The Movie 46. Not even Zoolander 2 47. Not even Sausage Party 48. Not even Ride Along 2 49. Not even Pete's Dragon 50. None of those movies combined will come close to Star Wars opening weekend numbers 51. I still won't be good at making estimations 52. Approximately 4 million stories will be written about another band member leaving One Direction 53. I will give approximately -4 million cares 54. No one will care about hover boards 55. No one will care about if dresses are blue and white or black and gold 56. No one will care if Christmas coffee cups are not Christmas-y enough 57. There won't be as many songs about calling people on their "cellphone" or answering it by saying "hello." 58. The "man-bun" phenomenon will persist 59. I will give all the cares about Inside Out winning an Oscar (I don't care which one) 60. Leonardo Dicaprio will win an Academy Award 61. I don't feel confident about prediction #60. Leo is trying too hard in The Revenant 62. Chris Rock, the host, will be sure to point out that Leo didn't win 63. Steve Harvey will be a presenter and no one will trust his announcement 64. George Clooney will announce that he has fathered triplets 65. During the summer Olympics, everyone will be sure to point out Michael Phelps' storied past 66. We will all wonder, "where did Ryan Lochte go?" 67. America will fall in love with some adorable gymnast 68. Maybe America will fall in love with fencing? (It could be the curling of the 2016 Olympics) 69. We will all be reminded of Bob Costas' pinkeye 70. Everyone will think their eye feels a little itchy 71. We will all be reminded the 2016 Olympics could have been in Chicago 72. Everyone will think "I could have made the trip to Chicago." 73. We will be reminded that collectively the Brazillians are better looking people than Americans 74. We will all learn about a country we never heard of before 75. The Russians and the Chinese Olympic teams will intimidate me from many miles away 76. For 17 days we will all have some national pride and something to watch 77. HBO will announce that there will be a season three of True Detective to watch 78. We will all try to not get too excited 79. Jon Snow will still be "alive" 80. Somebody will "die" on The Walking Dead 81. The "real" housewives will still be fake 82. Hopefully people will stop saying "Bae" 83. Hopefully people will stop saying "Netflix and Chill" 84. Network TV executives hope the new phrase will be "Network TV and don't fast forward through the commercials" 85. Jessica Huang, from Fresh Off the Boat will help make that happen 86. Every cast member of Empire will help make that happen 87. However, a season two of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Daredevil will ensure that "Netflix and Chill" is still a thing 88. So will Fuller House 89. So will Narcos season two 90. So will Arrested Development season five 91. Transparent will continue to try and do it for Amazon Prime 92. American Crime Story will be like a Serial podcast that you can watch 93. The first season of Serial will be made into a movie or a show 94. I will still think Serial season 1 > Serial season 2 95. I will still think Adnan killed Hae 96. I will still think Adnan is innocent 97. I will think nothing in life is certain 98. I will think there is no way to judge who is guilty and who is innocent 99. There is no way to predict the future 100. These are my predictions for 2016. If at least 25% of these predictions are correct, it will be a good year.

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