Anthony Davis on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Anthony Davis on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Matt Jonesover 9 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Last night our young superstar Anthony Davis was on his first late night program. He came on with Jimmy Kimmel and totally killed it. He had on a teal hoodie (we will forgive him for the color choice) and engaged in some solid banter with Adam Corolla's best friend. The highlights: --- Kimmel in the opening monologue says "Anthony Davis is only 19 years old and already has one national title and one eyebrow." --- He mentioned the fact that there were 3,000 people at the airport when they landed, "it was crazy..there were even babies with unibrows." --- When asked about his unibrow: "When I first got to KY, people said I looked like Bert from Bert and Ernie, but then I said, it's me so why not embrace it. --- "Coach Cal is forcing us to go to class...I don't know why, we just won the national championship." --- "Fans are crazy in Kentucky...they love horse racing and Kentucky basketball." Kimmel suggests he become a jockey. --- He said the first thing he wants to do when he gets to the NBA is buy a white on white Bentley. --- Davis also said he had a speech due on Tuesday, but that he got it pushed back to Monday so he could celebrate. These are the types of professors that I can get behind. --- Davis says he would rather block a shot than dunk the ball. "Blocking a shot makes the other team mad." --- Anthony is asked what he will do now and he says, "I might return to school, I may even take over your job." Jimmy Kimmel then responds, "we do have a two eyebrow minimum here." --- Jimmy Kimmel laughs at the idea of Davis having to decide whether to enter the draft. Davis says his mom wants him to return to school but "my dad looks at her and asks if she is crazy." --- Davis notes that John Calipari does what is best for the player and that he knows Calipari will give him the right advice. Overall, Anthony did a great job and looked comfortable joking around with Kimmel. The kid has come a long way from when I first saw him after his Junior year of high school. It was great to watch him have a breakout television moment.

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