11 Personnel E69: It's good to be right

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A broken clock is right twice a day. This time that broken clock was correct at least three times as Adam Luckett gives Nick Roush a pat or two on the back for correctly predicting a few enormous developments in the world of college football. More importantly, the two KSR football junkies discuss the Wildcats' win and explain why Mark Stoops is reaching a fork in the road in his career once the season ends. Highlight:
  • Muschamp is done, is TV his next best destination?
  • Somebody's throwing Stoops' name around for a potential Iowa vacancy.
  • One of the greatest John Schlarman lines.
  • Three incredible stats on Stoops, the WRs and Chris Rodriguez.
  • An offensive measuring stick at Alabama.
  • A big recruiting win.
  • What does success vs Bama look like?
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