Thats Coach Knight to You!!!!

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
You know there was a time, in the generation directly before mine, that if you were a Kentucky fan, that meant you hated Bobby Knight. As the coach of the rival Hoosiers, Knight was a logical enemy, exhibiting boorish behavior and all of the qualities of a Grade A Jerk. However while those a bit older than me hated Knight with passion, for some reason that never came to me. I was too young to remember Knight at his chair-throwin, Connie Chung interview-talkin, cop-punchin worst. Rather I saw him as an old man, coaching a team that wasnt all that great anymore and trying to deal with a new media that hung on every mistake he could possibly make. And I sort of admired the guy for sticking to his guns. I thought his "fireable" offense was stupid (getting mad because a kid said "Knight" instead of Coach Knight) and I thought the media liked to pile up on a guy who had done a great deal of good. Plus, he was a bit of a rebel.....and had an interesting dichotomy to him....graduates players and punches them.....interesting to me. Well this year you better get ready for more Knight. He will break Dean Smith's record this season and when he does, the media will swarm. And last night he showed that no matter what people want him to be, he will still be Knight. I personally think the outrage over his "punch" of the Texas Tech player is silly. He tapped the kid and told him to look up. And if Doug Gottlieb is outraged, it must be ok. But it got me to thinking (and searching). And you know, Knight has a lot of REALLY funny stuff (although some of this may not be safe for work).... Then there is this "golf instructional video" that Knight once did..... His Top Ten Moments on ESPN: His EPIC rant about losing to Purdue.... And this word for word "reenactment" of that same rant (which made me laugh until I cried).... Now that stuff is fun....admit it.....

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