The KSR/GOTC Tickets HUGE SEC Tournament Ticket Giveaway

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
winner Last year's winner in Central City Ok it is time for a KSR Contest you will remember. It is the KSR SEC TOURNAMENT TICKET GIVEAWAY. We have two lower arena SEC Tournament books for the winner of the contest. Great seats and all you have to do is win the contest sponsored by GUY ON THE CORNER TICKETS.COM. Now here is what you have to do. It is quite simple and will help you get to know this state of yours. Three simple rules: 1. Take Pictures of you and a friend at 8 Kentucky/KSR Landmarks: We are giving away tickets and this a dual game. Below we have listed 30 towns across the state, with landmarks associated with KSR or its writers. All you have to do is go to eight (one for each title) of them and take your picture next to a sign proving that you are there. It is that simple. You, a friend and a picture at the sign. If you don't have a friend to go with you, grab a person there and act like they are your friend...but you must have at least one other person with you in the picture. You don't have to go to all a matter of fact, you get no bonus points for going to more than eight. But you HAVE to go to eight. They are spread all over the state so no one is punished for being in the West or the East. Go to Eight and you have a chance at winning. 2. E-MAIL THE PICTURES into KSR by MIDNIGHT TOMORROW NIGHT: You must send the emailed pictures (eight of them) to all three of our email addresses, [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] by midnight. We will then judge the pictures and announce the winner by noon on Wednesday. It is that simple 3. YOU CAN GET BONUS POINTS: Simply by entering the contest with eight pictures, you have a shot to win. But if we have multiple people complete the process (which may happen...Drew thinks no, I think yes), then there are three ways to get bonus points, to help differentiate between the entries. Bonus points can be received via three methods: (A) Creativity: This is most important...if there are multiple entries, we will be giving bonus points for the most creative, funny, interesting, pictures. Whatever you think Drew, I and Tyler would like, try and make it happen. Creativity is HUGE and could be the deciding factor. So dont just take the picture, make it good. (B) Length travelled: This is created so that you can do multiple spots close to your area...but if you choose to travel long distances and do a great deal of mileage, we will consider that as a bonus factor. (C) Celebrity Bonus Pictures: If during your travels, you can get Kentucky celebrities, that could be the Governor, The Turtleman, Ryan Lemond, Dancing Guy or anyone you can fathom, to take a picture with you, those are bonus points. You just need some proof in the picture (maybe a newspaper or calendar) that the picture is ON MONDAY NIGHT OR TUESDAY. If you get someone interesting (Kenny Walker, Calipari, Heavy Hitter, Papa John, Bryan the Intern), that could be a bonus point. So that is the it is up to you to win it. IF YOU TWEET US PICTURES ALONG YOUR JOURNEY, we will use them on KSR...and maybe even give a slight bonus. We want to follow you as you make your trips. Send them to @kysportsradio, @drewfranklinksr or @mrstylerksr and we will put them up. This should be fun and I hope you guys will make it fun. IF YOU DONT WIN , we will have consolation prizes, the niceness of which will depend on how many people enter. At a minimum, we will get you two tickets to a Rupp Arena home game next year, but if only a few people make the journey, we will do better. This should be fun and I hope you guys (and gals) will make it so. HERE ARE THE 30 SPOTS ACROSS THE gotta get to eight by midnight tomorrow night...have fun, don't speed, and safe travels to all! Lexington -- Romany Road Kroger For John Short Louisville -- Yum Center To let them know whats up Frankfort -- State Capitol Show your state pride Middlesboro -- Cracker Barrel Good eating London -- Weavers Great hot dogs Hazard -- Hazard Herald newspaper Where Oscar Combs' journalism career began Paintsville -- Paintsville High School John Pelphrey once roamed these halls Pikeville -- Hatfield-McCoy feud sign The feud that defined a state Ashland -- Paramount Arts Center Because the Foot Locker closed Whitesburg -- Super 8 Larry Vaught recommends it highly Maysville -- Mason County High School For Darius Florence -- Base of Florence Ya'll Tower A state treasure Paducah -- National Quilt Museum In case it gets cold Mayfield -- Mid-Continent University For Winston Bennett Murray -- Matt B's Pizza People say the pizza is good Hopkinsville -- Ferrell's My friend Shelly's family cooks great burgers Madisonville -- Taco Johns Job Drew quit on Valentine's Day Bowling Green -- Corvette Museum Because I have always wondered what is inside Glasgow -- Little Taste of Texas restaurant Say hi to my buddy's wife Owensboro -- Moonlight BBQ More food, this time great BBQ Henderson -- 7th Street Baptist Church The Truth was scheduled to give the MLK Day address here Somerset -- Eagles Nest Country Club Where I once played in 13th Region golf action Paris -- Dan Cummins Chevrolet You would rather drive to Paris for a Dan Cummins deal Cynthiana -- Bianckes Might see Joe B Hall here LaGrange -- Court House Almost got shot here filming a legal commercial Jamestown -- Jamestown Cafe Downtown eats Morgantown -- Farm Boy We did our radio show here Danville -- Burke's Bakery Tyler Thompson highly recommends Morganfield -- Verlies Restaurant We did our radio show here Franklin -- Robey Street sign For the UK legend

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