133 Days until Kentucky Beats Florida

by:Nick Roush05/09/15


28 years of suffering is coming to an end this Fall in the New Commonwealth Stadium. Time and time again, the Big Blue Nation had the victory in their fingertips, only to be yanked away in the closing minutes. 1993 2003 I am going to spare our friend, Jared Lorenzen, from replaying the 4th quarter interception.  The Cats had the lead, needing a final drive to ice the game, only to let it slip away once again with a 24-21 loss at Commonwealth Stadium. 2014 Brent Musberger's "Boom Goes the Dynamite" on the first play in overtime in Gainesville was almost an historic play in Kentucky football history, but we all know what they say about horseshoes, hand grenades and the word "almost."  The result angered me in a way I haven't experienced since the cold loss to Tennessee in 2007, the day I learned to hate Rocky Top. It might be a little bold to call the upset, but if you took the names off the jerseys Kentucky would be a double-digit favorite. I might have overzealous expectations of the Cats, but I'm not insane when I say this is the worst football team Florida has ever fielded in my lifetime.  Mr. College Football of the SEC Network, Tony Barnhart, put it nicely Friday on the Leach Report, "They've got a lot of work to do." "A lot of work to do" is extremely generous for a team that only has seven scholarship offensive linemen and a new head coach from Colorado State.  The only redeeming quality of the Gators is cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III (arguably the best in the country) and Cat-killing wide receiver Demarcus Robinson. If Kentucky's offense comes out hot and New Commonwealth gets rockin', the only thing slowing them down is the "Kentucky Effect" (see the above late-game mishaps).  It's the kind of game where players grow up and learn how to win the right way, exorcising demons of the past.  Patrick Towles has witnessed the Cats' demise firsthand over the years, nearly avenging the many losses last year with 369 yards and 3 touchdowns.  He's not letting another slip away. Florida is still Florida, but do me a favor and write it down: the Streak Stops in 2016.  

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