14 of 15 experts say Cleveland will draft Nerlens, barring a trade

Drew Franklinover 8 years


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Davis-Noel The Cleveland Plain Dealer scoured the internet for mock drafts and expert predictions and found that 14 of 15 NBA draft projections predict Nerlens Noel to Cleveland with the first pick. The Cavs are reportedly still shopping around for a potential trade, but if Dan Gilbert keeps the top selection, almost all signs continue to point to Nerlens Noel being his guy. DIME Magazine, fresh off a glass of Haterade, took the opposite approach and explored why Nerlens Noel could fall past the top two picks. "Cleveland could easily go with Otto Porter Jr.," it says. Or Cleveland could not draft Otto Porter and wait for the return of LeBron James in 2014. Kyrie, LeBron, and Nerlens -- The next big three? [Cleveland.com|Mock draft links: 14 of 15 say Cavaliers pick Nerlens Noel first]

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