Random Notes From A Beautiful Saturday In Lex
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Random Notes From A Beautiful Saturday In Lex

Drew Franklinover 5 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


IMG_8706 Good afternoon, Kentucky football fans. I'm sitting at Tin Roof on my computer, like people do, celebrating a successful Blue-White Spring Game. Allow me to share a few notes with you from that game, if you will, and then I'm going to enjoy this gorgeous Saturday. -- The UK equipment surplus sale was one of the craziest things I've seen for a UK event. Nutter was insane and full of fans fighting over insanely cheap merchandise, which included things like LeBron shoes, basketball practice jerseys, game-worn football jerseys and coaches polos. All for 20 bucks. I heard rumors of '96 denim jerseys going for cheap, too. The problem was, the line to pay was halfway around the facility and took as long as two hours for some people to check out. Even Landon Young did some shopping: https://twitter.com/Beisner_cn2/status/721334772316954624 Make sure you're at the next sale... in, like, five years. -- As for the game, I didn't watch a whole lot of it, but I do know Denzil Ware was a machine for the defense. I believe his final tally was 15 tackles and four sacks in three quarters. He and Jordan Jones played well at a position with concerns around it, considering the loss of several veteran linebackers from a year ago. Ware could develop into a star, and Courtney Love looked the part inside. -- Charles Walker for Heisman. -- Drew Barker is officially the starting quarterback, as expected. Stephen Johnson seems like a serviceable backup and a potential contender for the position if not for his size. He needs to add a little weight over the summer. -- My friends and I snuck into the Woodford Reserve Club at halftime. (Shhhh don't tell anyone.) That explains why I didn't watch a lot of the game. The Woodford Club had free nachos and Cougar Bait for seven bucks a solo cup. It also had photos of these new awesome tailgate setups fans can rent: IMG_8708 IMG_8709 2 Why is that kid hitting his Superman? IMG_8710 -- The Cat Walk was a little disappointing. I assume it would've been better had everyone not been inside Nutter waiting in line to buy UK gear. The tailgating scene was a little weak as well, but expectations weren't high to begin with. Shout-out to all who showed up to support the program. -- My favorite takeaway from the entire afternoon: learning Oscar Combs has a crazy swimming pool at his home. He said it has waterfalls and a full kitchen/bar. WHY HAVEN'T YOU INVITED US, OSCAR???? That's all I have for now on this beautiful Saturday. Roush has plenty of great football-related coverage, so take all of that in. Go Cats, everybody.

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