2008 Recruiting --- Kenny Frease Interview

2008 Recruiting --- Kenny Frease Interview

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
frease.jpeg Well when the game has brought you down and there is nothing else to say about the remaining tidbits of the 2007 class, what can you do? Well talk about 2008 of course. And what better way to get moving than to talk about Big man recruit Kenny Frease. Frease is a 6'11" 245 pound center out of Masillon, Ohio who is ranked by Scout.com as the #4 center in the land and one of the top 25 overall players. Frease is a big man with skills, a great low post scorer and a fierce rebounder.....simply put, the exact type of player UK will need in that class. We talked to Kenny tonight and he had this to say: Kenny for those who havent followed your recruitment, what schools are you interested in at this point? Frease: I have a lot of schools I am looking at such as Kentucky, Xavier, Michigan State, Michigan, West Virginia, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh. Do you have any leaders at this point? Frease: I would say that Kentucky and Xavier are probably my two favorites. What do you like about those two schools? Frease: Well Xavier has been recruiting me the longest and is close to home. The coaching staff is really great and I just feel comfortable with everyone there. Kentucky is Kentucky you know? I mean it has a great tradition, the team is always great and they are a lot of fun to watch. Plus I really like Coach Smith and the rest of the staff. It is just a great place. When did Kentucky start recruiting you? FreaseL Last summer I talked some to Coach Hanson and he came and saw some of my games. He went to a couple of AAU games and then began talking with me. Then this season they really started calling me more and getting interested. Then I went to the Kentucky-Tennessee game in Rupp Arena and just had a great time. It was a lot of fun and the atmosphere was just crazy. Do you have a time frame for your decision? Frease: Yeah I wanna try and make a decision by June or July. I probably will really focus on it later in the Spring and then make a decision soon after. What will ultimately make your decision for you? Frease: That is hard to say. I just look forward to talking with the coaches seriously and just figuring out what they want with me and the team. Now some people know that you had a bad eye injury and arent playing right now. How is it healing? Frease: The eye is doing really good. IT has opened a lot in the last few days. I am still seeing double though and that is tough. They think as soon as the swelling goes down that it will get better and things will be fine. I am just looking forward to that. This was our first conversation with Kenny, but you can hear more of his thoughts on recruiting, his high school team and UK on our Saturday show on 1570 the Zone this weekend at 10 am.

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