2012 Princeton Review: Top 20 Party Schools

Jonathan Schuetteabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Jonathan SchuetteJonathan Schuette
The Princeton Review is primarily known for their standardized test reviews that help countless students across the nation every single year get into the school of their choosing.  In fact, while Wikipedia-ing The Princeton Review's biography I found that approximately 70% of their annual revenue comes from the world famous test prep (The more you know!).  The Princeton Review also provides Top-20 lists comparing many aspects of college and university life such as best/worst campus food, best college newspaper, and even the most popular study abroad programs.  Perhaps the most coveted list is their annual survey of 122,000 college students giving their opinion on the best party schools in the nation.  The list is compiled by asking students which school combines low personal study hours, high alcohol use, and a high Greek population.  The coveted top spot went to the Ohio University Bobcats, who edged out Georgia and Ole Miss for the honor.  The rest of the list can be found here and shockingly does not include Kentucky.  Blasphemy, I say!  Blasphemy!  Below I have compiled an organized, well thought out, and rational photo essay in rebuttal to this survey proving why Kentucky should, in fact, be near the top of this esteemed list.       Integrity, don't leave home without it!     A late night study session.     A peaceful protest.     The UK Rocket Science Initiative.     So there you have it, Kentucky is undoubtedly a Top-20 party institution, it's as simple as that.  You're telling me that freaking Vermont can top this?!  I'll be the one to call BS on that one.  I'm all for believing data and large sample sizes, after all 122,000 people can't be wrong can they?  Yes, they certainly can be.  This is one of those times where they were all dead wrong.  

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